Meteorology has ever been an apple of contention, as if the violent commotions of the atmosphere induced a sympathetic effect on the minds of those who have attempted to study them.

— Joseph Henry

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The general mental qualification necessary for scientific advancement is that which is usually denominated "common sense," though added to this, imagination, induction, and trained logic, either of common language or of mathematics, are important adjuncts.


The person who thought there could be any real conflict between science and religion must be either very young in science or ignorant of religion.


All creeds and opinions are nothing but the mere result of chance and temperament.


Nothing but the infinite Pity is sufficient for the infinite pathos of human life.


Seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them.


The Logos was divine, not the divine Being himself.


The man of true genius never lives before his time, he never undertakes impossibilities, and always embarks on his enterprise at the suitable place and period. Though he may catch a glimpse of the coming light as it gilds the mountain top long before it reaches the eyes of his contemporaries, and he may hazard a prediction as to the future, he acts with the present.