We need to feel the cheer and inspiration of meeting each other, we need to gain the courage and fresh life that comes from the mingling of congenial souls, of those working for the same ends.

— Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin

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We are justified in believing that the success of this movement for equality of the sexes means more progress toward equality of the races.


[W]e need to talk over not only those things which are of vital importance to us as women, but also the things that are of especial interest to us as colored women.


If laws are unjust, they must be continually broken until they are altered.


All over America there is to be found a large and growing class of earnest, intelligent, progressive colored women . . . many of them warped and cramped for lack of opportunity, not only to do more but to be more.


Too long have we been silent under unjust and unholy charges;

we cannot expect to have them removed until we disprove them through ourselves.

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