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After the first exams, I switched to the Faculty of Philosophy and studied Zoology in Munich and Vienna. — Karl von Frisch

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I received my doctorate from the University of Vienna in 1910. — Karl von Frisch

I studied at a grammar school and later at the University of Vienna in the Faculty of Medicine. — Karl von Frisch

The ant is a collectively intelligent and individually stupid animal; man is the opposite. — Karl von Frisch

Nature has unlimited time in which to travel along tortuous paths to an unknown destination. The mind of man is too feeble to discern whence or whither the path runs and has to be content if it can discern only portions of the track, however small. — Karl von Frisch

I have been a Professor Emeritus since 1958, and have continued my scientific studies. — Karl von Frisch

The bee's life is like a magic well: the more you draw from it, the more it fills with water — Karl von Frisch

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