She turned her can'ts into can's and her dreams into plans.

— Kobi Yamada

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Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else's life.


Everything is a once in a lifetime experience.


Someday all you will have to light your way will be a single ray of hope and that will be enough.


We all know our ideas can be crazy, but are they crazy enough?


Every life comes with a story ... and a possibility for a great adventure.


Follow your dreams. They know the way.


If you want to make the days of your life really matter, then you must love something.


Some experiences simply do not translate. you have to go to know.


We are so much more undiscovered than we are discovered.


You must be ready not only to take the opportunities, but to make them.


Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew.


Believe in your dreams. Believe in today. Believe that you are loved. Believe that you make a difference. Believe we can build a better world. Believe when others might not. Believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you might be that light for someone else. Believe that the best is yet to be. Believe in each other. Believe in yourself. I believe in you.


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The future is sending back good wishes and waiting with open arms

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