Waiting for inspiration is like standing at the airport waiting for a train.

— Leigh Michaels

The most jittery Leigh Michaels quotes to get the best of your day

For readers worldwide, the attraction of romance novels seems to be that they provide hope, strength, and the assurance that happy endings are possible. Romance makes the promise that no matter how bleak things sometimes look, in the end everything will turn out right and true love will triumph -- and in an uncertain world, that's very comforting.


Most of my books are set in the American Midwest, where I have always lived.

Midwesterners are lovely, down-to-earth people. The luxury of choosing this region as a setting is the endless supply of seasonal change images that accompany it; in addition to, the wide variety of settings, urban and rural, to choose from.


Real life isn't required to be logical, but fiction has to make sense.