I'm not the sort of person who poses in their underwear. I hate the red carpet. I prefer the green grass. After the games the highlights show mostly the goals, scoring chances, assists. The spectator tends not to remember that as a goalkeeper I make difficult saves at great risk and start moves with my efforts.

— Manuel Neuer

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I know about the rules but this should not be a red card for the keeper.

Arsenal was punished enough with the penalty.


The people on the streets just say 'hi' and let me walk on.

They take relatively few photos, and those that do are tourists. Munich natives are relatively relaxed. They pretty much leave me in peace and I think that's very good. The Bavarian mentality fits very well to me.


Because life constantly poses challenges, living demands courage


Positions are just a social construct that mean nothing to the enlightened man.


I know how Mesut Ozil takes penalties.


I did not know that Ramos would prefer to send his ball up to the heavens.


A lot has changed for Germany since 2010.

Back then it was not certain that I would be the number one. Now I'm glad about the responsibility I take for the team.


Take what's useful, leave out what's useless, and add a bit of yourself!