I have the most profound respect for the Department of Justice and the FTC. We in Europe are a younger and I would say junior institution to the historical antitrust experience of the US.

— Mario Monti

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A lot of the American press at the time was saying 'just watch what happens when Bertelsmann tries to buy EMI, that will be a moment of truth that will show the Commission's true colors.' Well, that deal never happened either.


The two greatest priorities for my government are tackling tax evasion and corruption.


In the area of macroeconomic policies, I think we'll see more centralization, like in the budgetary sphere.


There is no government in Europe where ministers go through that kind of confirmation process, which in fact is modeled on the way the U.S. cabinet members are confirmed.


As to the question of elected or not elected, each member of the European Commission has been appointed jointly by the governments of the 15 member states, and undergone individual scrutiny and a vote of confidence from the European Parliament.


I know that speaking with parties, which I do, but not very often, is seen by many as a contamination.


Reference to the territory and total disregard for the nationality of the companies is of course the best guarantee that competition assessment remain just that and doesn't get affected by trade or other considerations.


Europe has to avoid old prejudices and new ones. That means north versus south, rich versus poor.


I believe that in Europe, we have a collective leadership.


There was in Italy a hidden demand for a boring government which would try to tell the truth in non-political jargon.


This is certainly not the first case in which a merger approved in one place hasn't gone through in the other. There was a case last year where the merger between two EU companies was approved here and blocked in the U.S.


I hope that my government can help change Italian mentality.


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If Spain goes under, Italy will come under even more scrutiny.


The Italian economy has been held back for decades.


It is very unusual for a country to ask guys who are not politicians to come and run the country.


Try to guess my answer to that question, however temptingly you pose it.


If governments let themselves be fully bound by the decisions of their parliaments without protecting their own freedom to act, a breakup of Europe would be a more probable outcome than deeper integration.


I believe that reforms will not really take hold if they do not gradually come into the culture of the people.


Italy even in the future will not need aid from the European Financial Stability Fund.


I don't believe we're seeing the beginning of a divergence.

We have seen a partial divergence on this case.


Growth in any individual European country has to be the result of policies for growth pursued in that country consistent with budgetary discipline.


That statement was not addressed to the authors of political statements.

I said that I deplore attempts to misinform the public and to /trigger/ political intervention. And there were such attempts.


It is rather unusual for Italy to be at the forefront of pro-market initiatives.


Like other antitrust agencies we make our assessment of a merger or antitrust case based on its impact on our jurisdiction, and not on the nationality of the companies. This is exactly what the U.S. antitrust agencies, the Justice Department and the FTC, do.

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