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When you see a handwritten envelope addressed to you in your packet of mail when you get your mail out of the mailbox - when you see a personal letter waiting for you - it's exciting. It touches you. You say "Oh, somebody really thought of me and didn't just slap a mailing label across an envelope. Somebody wrote something to me."

— Martha Williamson

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Not to just say you need to be a good person - but, better, find the good that you already have in yourself and don't deny that, don't let the world talk you out of the good things because it's not hip or cool. Sooner or later, you have to live with yourself.

Martha Williamson

Life is beautiful. Look around. Don't take anything for granted.

Martha Williamson

The work that I do, I am grateful to do and honored and privileged to do, but I do it for my family and, if you don't have a family, then what does it mean?

Martha Williamson

As a parent, the goal is not to get to the other end.

It's just simply to protect the children that you're responsible for - and protect their hearts - and, wherever they're headed, to get (them) there safely. That involves patience, time and willingness to listen.

Martha Williamson

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Martha Williamson is a American television producer
Nationality American
Profession Writer
Born 1955
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