14+ Matteo Salvini Quotes On Immigration

If tomorrow morning Brussels should decide to let Turkey in, Italians wouldn't be free to oppose it, neither in Parliament nor through a referendum. A — Matteo Salvini

I don't believe that either fascism or communism is the solution or that they may come back on this earth. — Matteo Salvini

I'm a federalist. I believe in the Italy of municipalities, of the Renaissance, not in Mussolini's centralization. — Matteo Salvini

Good relations with Russia are great news. Putting a stop to the [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] is great news. Defending American industry against the invasion of Chinese products. Renegotiating the role of NATO. And a similar approach on the issue of immigration. This is all great news. — Matteo Salvini

First of all we need to move past the euro. — Matteo Salvini

The euro is a failed currency, a wrong currency, a failed experiment. — Matteo Salvini

Statistics tell us that of the 500,000 people who arrived, those who are granted political asylum are more or less 10 percent. I mean those who are fleeing from war, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Nigeria. Welcoming them, in all of these cases, is our duty. For illegals, though, expulsion is needed. — Matteo Salvini

If Rome gets to decide everything for the north and for the south, it's not a good and just thing. — Matteo Salvini

We need to push our border across the Mediterranean - hoping that Libya can find a new balance as soon as possible. — Matteo Salvini

In Italy there are 5 million legal migrants. They're integrated, and they're welcome. The problem of the Muslim presence is increasingly worrying. There are more and more clashes, more and more demands. And I doubt the compatibility of Italian law with Muslim law, because it's not just a religion but a law. And problems can be seen in Great Britain as well as in Germany, so reassessing our coexistence is fundamental. — Matteo Salvini

We don't need a strongman. But we need a strong country that is not subordinate to Europe. With its own currency, for example. — Matteo Salvini

Italians cannot vote on international treaties. — Matteo Salvini

In Italy there are two emergencies. This is what I hear, and this is what all the stats say. Employment and security. — Matteo Salvini

I don't understand why Italians should be bound to Brussels's choices without being able to express themselves through a referendum. — Matteo Salvini

Life Lessons by Matteo Salvini

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  1. Matteo Salvini has demonstrated that it is possible to successfully lead a political party by taking a firm stance on issues and standing up for the beliefs of your constituents.
  2. He has also shown the importance of using social media to reach out to a wide range of people and to effectively communicate your message.
  3. Finally, Salvini has shown that it is possible to make a difference in politics by being an effective negotiator and working hard to achieve your goals.

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