If tomorrow morning Brussels should decide to let Turkey in, Italians wouldn't be free to oppose it, neither in Parliament nor through a referendum. A

— Matteo Salvini

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I don't believe that either fascism or communism is the solution or that they may come back on this earth.


I'm a federalist. I believe in the Italy of municipalities, of the Renaissance, not in Mussolini's centralization.


Good relations with Russia are great news.

Putting a stop to the [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] is great news. Defending American industry against the invasion of Chinese products. Renegotiating the role of NATO. And a similar approach on the issue of immigration. This is all great news.


First of all we need to move past the euro.


The euro is a failed currency, a wrong currency, a failed experiment.


Statistics tell us that of the 500,000 people who arrived, those who are granted political asylum are more or less 10 percent. I mean those who are fleeing from war, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Nigeria. Welcoming them, in all of these cases, is our duty. For illegals, though, expulsion is needed.


If Rome gets to decide everything for the north and for the south, it's not a good and just thing.


We need to push our border across the Mediterranean - hoping that Libya can find a new balance as soon as possible.


In Italy there are 5 million legal migrants.

They're integrated, and they're welcome. The problem of the Muslim presence is increasingly worrying. There are more and more clashes, more and more demands. And I doubt the compatibility of Italian law with Muslim law, because it's not just a religion but a law. And problems can be seen in Great Britain as well as in Germany, so reassessing our coexistence is fundamental.


We don't need a strongman. But we need a strong country that is not subordinate to Europe. With its own currency, for example.


Italians cannot vote on international treaties.


In Italy there are two emergencies. This is what I hear, and this is what all the stats say. Employment and security.


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I don't understand why Italians should be bound to Brussels's choices without being able to express themselves through a referendum.

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