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  1. The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.
  2. [On journalists:] We are a noisy, imperfect lot, struggling to scribble what has been called the first draft of history.
  3. Journalism, spooked by rumors of its own obsolescence, has stopped believing in itself. Groans of doom alternate with panicked happy talk.
  4. The sounds of silence are a dim recollection now, like mystery, privacy and paying attention to one thing — or one person — at a time.
  5. When I need to work up my nerve to write a tough column, I try to think of myself as Emma Peel in a black leather catsuit.
  6. A friendship between reporter and source lasts only until it is profitable for one to betray the other.
  7. The idea of American exceptionalism doesn't extend to Americans being exceptional.
  8. It is men's worst fear, personally and professionally, that women will pin the sin on them.
  9. As a woman, I know that if I write about another woman, it will be perceived as a catfight.
  10. And as far as doing God's work, I think the bankers who took government money and then gave out obscene bonuses are the same self-interested sorts Jesus threw out of the temple.

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As blue chips turn into penny stocks, Wall Street seems less like a symbol of America's macho capitalism and more like that famous Jane Austen character Mrs. Bennet, a flibbertigibbet always anxious about getting richer and her 'poor nerves.' — Maureen Dowd

Celebrity distorts democracy by giving the rich, beautiful, and famous more authority than they deserve. — Maureen Dowd

If you're famous enough, the rules don't apply. — Maureen Dowd

We are riveted by the soap operas of public lives. We admire the famous most for what makes them infamous: it reassures us that they are not better and no happier than all the people with their noses pressed hard against the glass. — Maureen Dowd

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  • Afghanistan is more than the 'graveyard of empires.' It's the mother of vicious circles.
  • If wit is the most sophisticated form of humor, pranks are the most juvenile.
  • Women are affected by lunar tides only once a month; men have raging hormones every day.
  • It takes a lot of adrenaline and fear to make me actually write.
  • For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both.
  • Celebrity is the religion of our time.
  • Perpetual optimism is annoying. It is a sign that you are not paying attention.
  • Zingers should glow with intelligence as well as drip with contempt.
  • Don't write anything down, but save everything that anyone else writes down.
  • I don't understand men. I don't even understand what I don't understand about men.

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When you're young, and even at times when you're older, it's hard to fathom this: What needs to be nurtured is the stuff that's different, that sets you apart from the pack, rather than the stuff that helps you blend in. — Maureen Dowd

IT is an astonishing thing that historians will look back and puzzle over, that in the 21st century, American women were such hunted creatures. Even as Republicans try to wrestle women into chastity belts, the Vatican is trying to muzzle American nuns. — Maureen Dowd

The Republicans, with their crazed Reagan fixation, are a last-gasp party, living posthumously, fighting battles on sex, race, immigration and public education long ago won by the other side. They're trying to roll back the clock, but time is passing them by. — Maureen Dowd

President Bush was once asked which Presidential speech he admired most. He replied that it was the one Teddy Roosevelt had in his pocket that had helped cushion the blow of a would-be assassin's bullet. — Maureen Dowd

I strained to remember where I was or even what I was wearing, touching my green corduroy jeans and staring at the exposed-brick wall. As my paranoia deepened, I became convinced that I had died and no one was telling me. — Maureen Dowd

The Clintons want to do big worthy things, but they also want to squeeze money from rich people wherever they live on planet Earth, insatiably gobbling up cash for politics and charity and themselves from the same incestuous swirl. — Maureen Dowd

Even when conservatives have all the marbles, they still act as if they're under siege. Now that they are under siege, it is no time for them to act as if they're losing their marbles. — Maureen Dowd

The Mormons even baptized Anne Frank. It took Ernest Michel, then chairman of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, three years to get Mormons to agree to stop proxy-baptizing Holocaust victims. — Maureen Dowd

The insane have achieved political respectability while the sane act too good for it all. The irrational celebrate while the rational act bored and above-it-all. — Maureen Dowd

Just because digital technology makes connecting possible doesn't mean you're actually reaching people. — Maureen Dowd

Good and evil are not like the Redskins and the Cowboys. — Maureen Dowd

Yet it's true that looks matter in politics... It is also true that perfecting the outer shell has become an obsession in this country... Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and John Edwards almost always look good, and pretty much the same, in dark suits or casual wear. Fred Thompson always looks crepuscular and droopy. Often Hillary Clinton looks great, and sometimes she looks tired, heavier or puffier. — Maureen Dowd

Americans want to be protected, but not at the cost of vitiating the values that make us Americans. — Maureen Dowd

I think even the Hollywood money people are saying they've got to get the party back from the Clinton wing. They can't, you know, keep nominating these Northeast liberals. They have to look for people who can win. — Maureen Dowd

Since Hillary Clinton is the first time we've had a woman who was a serious contender for president, it's been an adjustment to watch her more changeable looks, and to see the lengths she goes to get the right lighting and to make the right wardrobe choices. Her campaign is devising strategies to humanize her and make her seem more warm and maternal. — Maureen Dowd

Wooing the press is an exercise roughly akin to picnicking with a tiger. You might enjoy the meal, but the tiger always eats last. — Maureen Dowd

Settling is about not embracing what is best for you and accepting what you really don't want. When you settle, you accept less than you deserve. Settling becomes a habit and a way of life, but it doesn't have to be. According to Maureen Dowd, "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for — Maureen Dowd

Are women necessary? Not with Ava around — Maureen Dowd

Military guys are rarely as smart as they think they are, and they've never gotten over the fact that civilians run the military. — Maureen Dowd

I feel like I owe it to the readers to try to pull back the veil and give them the honest version of what's going on. But it's not more fun. If Obama, as he does sometimes already, gets a little snippy with me about something I've written, you're thinking, 'Oh God, the president of the United States is already annoyed with me.' — Maureen Dowd

Women have become so obsessed with not withering, they've forgotten that there are infinite ways to be beautiful. — Maureen Dowd

Tweetin' ain't cheatin'. — Maureen Dowd

My eating habits were so bad for many years that I didn't actually know the intricacies of making a salad. — Maureen Dowd

I think Hillary Clinton's a very clever politician but she would be too easy to stereotype the way John Kerry was. — Maureen Dowd

I think the evangelicals think they're in a holy war now. — Maureen Dowd

Now that Hillary [Clinton] has won Pennsylvania, it will take a village to help Obama escape from the suffocating embrace of his rival. Certainly Howard Dean will be of no use steering her to the exit. It’s like Micronesia telling Russia to denuke. — Maureen Dowd

The Obamas, especially Michelle, have radiated the sense that Americans do not appreciate what they sacrifice by living in a gilded cage. They've forgotten Rule No. 1 of politics: No one sheds tears for anyone lucky enough to live at the White House. — Maureen Dowd

Personally, I've decided to stop evolving. — Maureen Dowd

Life Lessons by Maureen Dowd

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  1. Maureen Dowd's career as an American journalist demonstrates the importance of standing up for what you believe in and having the courage to speak out against injustice.
  2. Through her work, Dowd also shows that success comes from hard work and dedication, as she has consistently pushed for change and progress through her writing.
  3. Finally, Dowd's life and work serve as an example of the power of resilience, as she has faced numerous challenges throughout her career but has never given up on her goals.

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