Alekhine is a poet who creates a work of art out of something that would hardly inspire another man to send home a picture post card.

— Max Euwe

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He can be regarded as the great master of simplification.

The art of resolving the tension at the critical moment and in the most effacious way so as to clarify the position as desired is Capablanca's own.


Alekhine's real genius is in the preparation and construction of a position, long before combinations or mating attacks come into consideration at all.


The 'chess machine', by which admiring title he had been known, revealed the great drawback of a machine: it had not sufficient flexibility to adapt itself to altered circumstances.


Chess is a sport. The main object in the game of chess remains the achievement of victory.


Capablanca plays very superficially sometimes, in a way that can only be ascribed to lack of concentration. This is an integral weakness of his make-up and can only be partially compensated by his employing his time allowance to the full.


Whoever sees no other aim in the game than that of giving checkmate to one's opponent will never become a good Chess player.


Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.


The essence of Capablanca's greatness is his rare talent for avoiding all that can complicate or confuse the conflict.


I honestly feel very humble when I study Capablanca's games.


Poor Capablanca! Thou wert a brilliant technician, but no philosopher.

Thou wert not capable of believing that in chess, another style could be victorious than the absolutely correct one.


Capablanca did not apply himself to opening theory (in which he never therefore achieved much), but delved deeply into the study of end-games and other simple positions which respond to technique rather than to imagination.

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