Is that vodka?" Margarita asked weakly. The cat jumped up in his seat with indignation. "I beg pardon, my queen," he rasped, "Would I ever allow myself to offer vodka to a lady? This is pure alcohol!

— Mikhail Bulgakov

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"We speak different languages, as usual," responded Woland, "but this does not change the things we speak about. Well?..."


Everything passes away-suffering,pain, blood, hunger,pestilence.

The sword will pass away too, but the stars will remain when the shadows of our presence and our deeds have vanished from the Earth. There is no man who does not know that. Why, then, will we not turn our eyes toward the stars? Why?


Follow me, reader! Who told you that there is no true, faithful, eternal love in this world! May the liar's vile tongue be cut out! Follow me, my reader, and me alone, and I will show you such a love!


he was coming to understand he could not come to rectify anything in his life, only forget.


Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble.

The worst of it is that he's sometimes unexpectedly mortal—there's the trick!


Most bad," the host concluded. "If you ask me, something sinister lurks in men who avoid wine, games, the company of lovely women, and dinnertime conversation. Such people are either gravely ill or secretly detest everyone around them.


The tongue may hide the truth but the eyes—never!


and a fact is the most stubborn thing in the world.


Not causing trouble, not touching anything, fixing the primus.


Punch a man on the nose, kick an old man downstairs, shoot somebody or any old thing like that, that’s my job. But argue with women in love—no thank you!


Actually, I do happen to resemble a hallucination.

Kindly note my silhouette in the moonlight." The cat climbed into the shaft of moonlight and wanted to keep talking but was asked to be quiet. "Very well, I shall be silent," he replied, "I shall be a silent hallucination.


But worse things were about to be found in the bedroom: on the jeweller’s wife’s ottoman, in a casual pose, sprawled a third party- namely, a black cat of uncanny size, with a glass of vodka in one paw and a fork, on which he had managed to spear a pickled mushroom, in the other. , The Master and Magarita


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There's only one degree of freshness — the first, which makes it also the last


I suppose that in no educational institution can one become an educated person.


Well, as everyone knows, once witchcraft gets started, there's no stopping it.


I challenge you to a duel!” screamed the cat, sailing over their heads on the swinging chandelier.


The most amazing combinations can result if you shuffle the pack enough.


The procurator studied the new arrival with avid, and slightly fearful eyes.

It was the kind of look one gives someone one has heard of and thought a lot about, and whom one is meeting for the first time.


Nobody should be whipped. Remember that, once and for all. Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion.


The cat, covered in dust and standing on its hind legs, bowed to Margarita.

Round its neck it was now wearing a made-up white bow tie on an elastic band, with a pair of ladies’ mother-of-pearl binoculars hanging on a cord. It had also gilded its whiskers.


If it is true that cowardice is the most grave vice, then the dog, at least, is not guilty of it.


You were right," said the Master impressed by the neatness of Korovyov's work, "when you said: no documents, no person. So that means I don't exist since I don't have any documents.


In the first few seconds an aching sadness wrenched his heart, but it soon gave way to a feeling of sweet disquiet, the excitement of gypsy wanderlust


Who ever told you there is no such thing in the world as real, true, everlasting love? May the liar have his despicable tongue cut out!


Remove the document—and you remove the man.


What's the use of dying in a ward surrounded by a lot of groaning and croaking incurables? Wouldn't it be much better to throw a party with that twenty-seven thousand and take poison and depart for the other world to the sound of violins, surrounded by lovely drunken girls and happy friends?


You're not Dostoevsky,' said the citizeness, who was getting muddled by Koroviev. Well, who knows, who knows,' he replied. 'Dostoevsky's dead,' said the citizeness, but somehow not very confidently. 'I protest!' Behemoth exclaimed hotly. 'Dostoevsky is immortal!


Allow me to inquire how man can control his own affairs when he is not only incapable of compiling a plan for some laughably short term such as, say, a thousand years, but cannot even predict what will happen to him tomorrow?


Love leaped out in front of us like a murderer in an alley leaping out of nowhere, and struck us both at once. As lightning strikes, as a Finnish knife strikes! She, by the way, insisted afterwards that it wasn't so, that we had, of course, loved each other for a long, long time, without knowing each other, never having seen each other.


Obedient to constraint, I was compelled to submit


To speak the truth is easy and pleasant.


I hereby certify that the bearer of this note, Nikolai Ivanovich, spent the night in question at Satan's ball, having been lured there in a transportational capacity... Hella, put in parentheses! And write 'hog.' Signed- Behemoth.


Second freshness - that's what is nonsense! There is only one freshness - the first - and it is also the last. And if sturgeon is of the second freshness, that means it is simply rotten.


He's clever,' thought Ivan,' I must admit there are some smart people even among the intelligentsia


Manuscripts don't burn.


It must be added that from his first words the foreigner made a repellent impression on the poet, but Berlioz rather liked him - that is, not liked but . . . how to put it . . . was interested, or whatever.


No one's fate is of any interest to you except your own.


You should never ask anyone for anything.

Never- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself.


But what can be done, the one who loves must share the fate of the who is loved.


Difficult folk, these women!


The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes never! You're asked an unexpected question, you don't even flinch, it takes just a second to get yourself under control, you know just what you have to say to hide the truth, and you speak very convincingly, and nothing in your face twitches to give you away. But the truth, alas, has been disturbed by the question, and it rises up from the depths of your soul to flicker in your eyes and all is lost.


This twenty-year-old boy was distinguished from childhood by strange qualities, a dreamer and an eccentric. A girl fell in love with him, and he went and sold her to a brothel.


Everything will turn out right, the world is built on that.


A dog's spirit dies hard.


Cowardice is the greatest sin.


No documents, no person.


The darkness that had come in from the Mediterranean covered the city so detested by the procurator.


manuscripts don't burn - (рукописи не горят)


There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason.