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We are not interested in cloning the Michael Jordans and the Michael Jacksons of this world. The rich and the famous don't participate in this.

— Panayiotis Zavos

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We're not lawbreakers, we're law-abiding, and intend to stay that way.

Panayiotis Zavos

In the future, when we get serious about executing things correctly, this thing will be very easy to do. If we find out that this technique does not work, I don't intend to step on dead bodies to achieve something because I don't have that kind of ambition. My ambition is to help people.

Panayiotis Zavos

If we intensify our efforts we can have a cloned baby within a year or two, but I don't know whether we can intensify our efforts to that extent. We're not really under pressure to deliver a cloned baby to this world. What we are under pressure to do is to deliver a cloned baby that is a healthy one.

Panayiotis Zavos

My motivation is my desire to help people.

If people want to have children and cannot in the normal way, and I can do something about it, then I will do so.

Panayiotis Zavos

Who is Panayiotis Zavos?

Panayiotis Zavos is a Greek Scientist
Nationality Greek
Profession Scientist
Born October 16
Quotes 6 sayings

There is absolutely no doubt about it, and I may not be the one that does it, but the cloned child is coming. There is absolutely no way that it will not happen.

Panayiotis Zavos