Stories and cigarettes ruined lives of lesser girls.

— Pete Yorn

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I can't play any horns. Every time I tried to take saxophone lessons as a kid ... I can't whistle. I don't know if that has anything to do with.


Convince yourself that everything is alright. Cause it already is.


That's the way I came up, writing and recording at home.

I developed by playing everything myself. I was a drummer first and that's my favorite instrument to play. Once I get the drums done, everything else comes real quick. Also, we track in my friends' garage, which is really small ... there's not really room to record live with a band.


I got shocked really bad at a show once.

We do this big intro to a cover of the Smiths' "Panic on the Streets of London" and I got a huge shock and went, 'Ohhhh!' We had to stop the show for 15 minutes.


I've always enjoyed the record shops...they gave me a reason to leave my house.