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  1. A joyful heart is more easily made perfect than a downcast one.
  2. To preserve our cheerfulness amid sicknesses and troubles, is a sign of a right and good spirit.
  3. First let a little love find entrance into their hearts, and the rest will follow.
  4. He who is unable to spend a long time together in prayer, should often lift up his mind to God by short prayers.
  5. If we wish to keep peace with our neighbours, we should never remind any one of his natural defects.
  6. Let us think, if we only got to heaven, what a sweet and easy thing it will be there to be always saying with the angels and the saints, Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.
  7. Believe me, there is no more powerful means to obtain God's grace than to employ the intercessions of the Holy Virgin.
  8. Obedience is the true holocaust which we sacrifice to God on the altar of our hearts.
  9. It is easy to infuse a most fervent devotion into others, even in a short time; but the great matter is - to persevere.
  10. At communion we ought to ask for the remedy of the vice to which we feel ourselves most inclined.

Philip Neri Short Quotes

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  • Where there is no great mortification there is no great sanctity.
  • He who desires anything but God deceives himself, and he who loves anything but God errs miserably.
  • Without mortification nothing can be done.
  • The greatness of our love of God must be tested by the desire we have of suffering for His love.
  • Those who have themselves for a spiritual director have a fool for a spiritual director.
  • The cross is the gift God gives to his friends.
  • The great thing is to become Saints.
  • Give me ten truly detached men. and I will convert the world with them.
  • Heaven is not made for the slothful.
  • My Jesus, if you uphold me, I shall not fall.

Philip Neri Quotes On Prayer

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The man who loves God with a true heart, and prizes him above all things, sometimes sheds floods of tears at prayer, and has in abundance of favours and spiritual feelings coming upon him with such vehemence, that he is forced to cry out, "Lord! let me be quiet! — Philip Neri

During mental prayer, it is well, at times, to imagine that many insults and injuries are being heaped upon us, that misfortunes have befallen us, and then strive to train our heart to bear and forgive these things patiently, in imitation of our Saviour. This is the way to acquire a strong spirit. — Philip Neri

We must not trust in ourselves, but take the advice of our spiritual father, and recommend ourselves to everybodys prayers. — Philip Neri

There is nothing the devil fears so much, or so much tries to hinder, as prayer. — Philip Neri

It is an old custom of the servants of God to have some little prayer ready and to be frequently darting them up to heaven during the day, lifting their minds to God out of the mire of this world. — Philip Neri

Philip Neri Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Do not grieve over the temptations you suffer. When the Lord intends to bestow a particular virtue on us, He often permits us first to be tempted by the opposite vice. Therefore, look upon every temptation as an invitation to grow in a particular virtue and a promise by God that you will be successful, if only you stand fast. — Philip Neri

The best remedy for dryness of spirit, is to picture ourselves as beggars in the presence of God and the Saints, and like a beggar, to go first to one saint, then to another, to ask a spiritual alms of them with the same earnestness as a poor fellow in the streets would ask an alms of us. — Philip Neri

In sickness we ought to ask God to give us patience, because it often happens, that when a man gets well, he not only does not do the good he proposed to do when he was sick, but he multiplies his sins and his ingratitude. — Philip Neri

There is nothing more dangerous in the spiritual life, than to wish to rule ourselves after our own way of thinking. — Philip Neri

The perfection of a Christian consists in mortifying his will for the love of Christ. Where there is no great mortification, there is no great sanctity. — Philip Neri

As soon as we are stripped of the sordid garb of avarice, we shall be clothed with the royal and imperial vest of the opposite virtue, liberality. — Philip Neri

The stench of impurity before God and the angels is so great, that no stench in the world can equal it. — Philip Neri

He who feels that the vice of avarice has got hold of him, should not wish to observe fasts of supererogation, but to give alms. — Philip Neri

Let the sick man enter into the Side of Jesus and His most holy Wounds; let him not be afraid, but combat manfully, and he will come forth victorious. — Philip Neri

We must often remember what Christ said, that not he who begins, but he that perseveres to the end, shall be saved. — Philip Neri

In this life there is no purgatory; it is either hell or paradise; for to him who serves God truly, every trouble and infirmity turns into consolations, and through all kinds of trouble he has a paradise within himself even in this world: and he who does not serve God truly, and gives himself up to sensuality, has one hell in this world, and another in the next. — Philip Neri

Not to know how to deny our soul its own wishes, is to foment a very hot-bed of vices. — Philip Neri

Even though a man may be unable to attain such a height of sanctity, he ought to desire it, so as to do at least in desire what he cannot carry out in effect. — Philip Neri

He who wishes for goods will never have devotion. — Philip Neri

"If a man finds it very hard to forgive injuries, let him look at a Crucifix, and think that Christ shed all His Blood for him, and not only forgave His enemies, but even prayed His Heavenly Father to forgive them also. Let him remember that when he says the Pater Noster, every day, instead of asking pardon for his sins, he is calling down vengeance on himself." — Philip Neri

The Lord grants in a moment what we may have been unable to obtain in dozens of years. — Philip Neri

They who have been exercised in the service of God for a long time, may in their prayers imagine all sorts of insults offered to them, such as blows, wounds, and the like, and so in order to imitate Christ by their charity, may accustom their hearts beforehand to forgive real injuries when they come. — Philip Neri

Cast yourself into the arms of God and be very sure that if he wants anything of you, He will fit you for the work and give you strength. — Philip Neri

My children, if you desire perseverance, be devout to our Blessed Lady. — Philip Neri

To be without pity for other mens falls, is an evident sign that we shall fall ourselves shortly. — Philip Neri

Let us be humble and keep ourselves down: - Obedience! Humility! Detachment! — Philip Neri

The best way to prepare for death is to spend every day of life as though it were the last. — Philip Neri

We must sometimes bear with little defects in others, as we have, against our will, to bear with natural defects in ourselves. If we wish to keep peace with our neighbor, we should never remind anyone of his natural defects. — Philip Neri

Let us pray God, if He gives us any virtue or any gift, to keep it hidden even from ourselves, that we may preserve our humility, and not take occasion of pride because of it. — Philip Neri

We are not saints yet, but we, too, should beware. Uprightness and virtue do have their rewards, in self-respect and in respect from others, and it is easy to find ourselves aiming for the result rather than the cause. Let us aim for joy, rather than respectability. Let us make fools of ourselves from time to time, and thus see ourselves, for a moment, as the all-wise God sees us. — Philip Neri

Christian joy is a gift of God flowing from a good conscience. — Philip Neri

He who wishes for anything but Christ, does not know what he wishes; he who asks for anything but Christ, does not know what he is asking; he who works, and not for Christ, does not know what he is doing. — Philip Neri

He who always acts under obedience may be assured that he will not have to give an account of his actions to God. — Philip Neri

To acquire and preserve the virtue of chastity, we have need of a good and experienced confessor. — Philip Neri

Life Lessons by Philip Neri

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  1. Philip Neri taught that the path to holiness lies in living a life of joy, humility, and service to others.
  2. He emphasized the importance of prayer and meditation as a means of deepening one's relationship with God.
  3. He also believed that the best way to spread the Gospel was through personal example and charity.

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