Every country that aspires to become a nation needs its heroes, its eminent civic and moral leaders, and if it doesn't have them, it's our duty to invent them.

— Rosario Ferre

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A story is like building a chapel; a novel is a cathedral.


Death is a woman, and for that reason she's courageous and just, and never makes distinctions between mortals; she'll crush the ignorant, the arrogant, and the wise alike under her icy foot.


Sometimes it's necessary to believe in love, even if it doesn't exist.


our love for the dead, like a floating iceberg, can only be measured by the depths of our resentments.


Our needs cancel each other out, and that's as solid a base for love as any.


Death is the twin of love and mother of us all, she struggles equally for men and women and never accepts differences of caste or class. It's death that quickens us and brings us forth on sheets of love, clasped between sleep and wakefulness and barely breathing for a spell, and thus my death shall be like everybody else's death, as majestic and as pathetic as a king or a beggar's, neither more nor less.