We're born to shimmer, we're born to shine We're born to radiate We're born to live, we're born to love We're born to never hate.

— Shawn Mullins

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But I am a dreamer So you sent me away. Sometimes we dreamers Just get in the way.


I love Vanguard. Sony was great too, but it was a different animal, it was so big. It's hard to get the big monster to move, unless you're right there on top of things. And you can't always be on top.


If it weren't for Criminal Records, Wax-n-facts and other indie record stores I could have only sold my CD's at my shows and by mail order as an independent artist. The greatest stores that have character and include a much wider range of music of music are all independent, mom and pop stores.


Paste Magazine really embodies all that's left of a true independent thought and expression in music journalism in the states right now. Please support the cause and lift them up to keep them moving forward.


You're born to shimmer, you're born to shine, you're born to radiate