An aphorism is a personal observation inflated into a universal truth, a private posing as a general.

— Stefan Kanfer

The most beautiful Stefan Kanfer quotes that will add value to your life

Sorrows cannot all be explained away in a life truly lived, grief and loss accumulate like possessions.


Kenney knows two essential truths about melodrama: First that it is most powerful when combined with irony and understatement; and second that it is a salient feature of modern life.


The catalogue of miseries seems to cry out for commercial spots and a station break: the stuff of noonday soap opera.


They are the literary equivalent of sequins on an evening dress.


...telephone operators now routinely use '80s-babble, chirping, "Have a nice day," the moral equivalent of the smile button.


There's something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery.


Inside every man there is a poet who died young.