Eternal life is not a peculiar feeling inside! It is not your ultimate destination, to which you will go when you are dead. If you are born again, eternal life is that quality of life that you possess right now.

— W. Ian Thomas

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For godliness is not the consequence of your capacity to imitate God, but the consequence of His capacity to reproduce Himself in you; not self-righteousness, but Christ-righteousness; the righteousness which is by faith


The Christian life is the life of the Lord Jesus Christ lived two thousand years ago, lived now by Him in you!


To be in Christ -that is redemption; but for Christ to be in you-that is sanctification.


Man was so engineered by God that the presence of the Creator within the creature is indispensable to His humanity.


There are few things quite so boring as being religious, but there is nothing quite so exciting as being a Christian!


To so many people, the Lord is in danger of being no more than a patron saint of our systematic theology instead of the Christ who is our life.


To be in Christ - that makes you fit for heaven;

but for Christ to be in you - that makes you fit for earth! To be in Christ changes your destination; but for Christ to be in you - that changes your destiny! The one makes heaven your home - the other makes this world His workshop.