Caught like a leaf in the wind Lookin' for a friend Where can you turn Whisper the words of a prayer and you'll find Him there Arms open wide, love in His eyes Jesus - He meets you where you are Jesus - He heals your secret scars All the love you're looking for is Jesus The friend of a wounded heart

— Wayne Watson

The most belligerent Wayne Watson quotes that will inspire your inner self

I'd rather walk in the dark with Jesus than to dance in the light on my own


Jesus, he meets you where you are. Jesus, he heals your secret scars.


My dad died in May of '97. The effects of his death immediately were not all that hard, but a year or two later it hit, when my job as Dad was sort of done and I was sending my kids to college. And somehow, the emotional intensity of that event mixed with the loss of my own dad, was kind of upsetting.


I don't want to read more into it than there is.

I try not to overanalyze anymore, as it tends to make me self-centered. If there is a deeper message in what happened in the last year and a half, I'm not going to look under every rock for it. Just let God be God.


For such a time as this I was placed upon the earth.

To hear the voice of God and do His will, whatever it is.