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Mancil Travis - I have always had a fascination with this character from my hometown. When I put pen to paper to recount stories I knew of him, I kept hearing this dream sequence in my head that was Willie Sugarcapps harmonies singing like a Greek chorus, "White carnations." — Will Kimbrough

I love Nashville, but I miss the Gulf Coast, the wetlands, and the Delta of Lower Alabama every day. Magnolia Springs is a sweet little town in reality, but, in my heart, it is a kind of mythological oasis. I relive the memory every time I cross the Magnolia River. My memory is probably not accurate, but it's a wonderful memory. So Magnolia Springs lives in my heart as a beautiful, cool, watery place. — Will Kimbrough

I look for something universal in songs rather than something personal. I look for something that will give us a platform for live improvisation. — Will Kimbrough

Only by first acknowledging that we are living beings together here on this planet before labeling ourselves as anything else can we hope for peace on Earth. — Will Kimbrough

I think we are all of the same opinion that "wherever you go, there you are," and if you are constantly searching for paradise outside of yourself, you will miss what is in your own backyard. — Will Kimbrough

I've had empathy toward what Carson McCullers calls "the invisible people" all my life and was inherently interested in what redeemed Mancil Travis, what fueled Mancil, what destroyed Mancil, etc. I think everyone wants redemption including Mancil. — Will Kimbrough

I'm an introverted sort of writer. — Will Kimbrough

I try to keep my eyes and ears open all the time for the bones of my next song: things people say, melodies I hear in my head, and little musical parts I may stumble across. I write them down or record them on my phone. Whatever I need to do to keep the idea for later when I have the time to sit down with it. So writing for me is a 24/7 pursuit. — Will Kimbrough

When I was young, my father told me I was living in a dream world. At the time, he was trying to straighten me up to fly right. Now I treasure the part of my life that is a dream world - the love of my children, my music - these loves can put you in a dreamy place. I embrace it. — Will Kimbrough

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