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Is it possible that I am not alone in believing that in the dispute between Galileo and the Church, the Church was right and the centre of man's universe is the earth?

Stephen Vizinczey,

He that has light within his own clear breast May sit in the centre, and enjoy bright day: But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts Benighted walks under the mid-day sun; Himself his own dungeon.

John Milton, poet

And indeed this theme has been at the centre of all my research since 1943, both because of its intrinsic fascination and my conviction that a knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.

Frederick Sanger, scientist

Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law. If it goes past the centre of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest.

Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher

I can't promise to love someone for ever. I can't imagine anyone could promise to love me for ever. I mean, it sounds like a lovely day, but I go to red carpet events all the time and I'm the centre of attention so it's not like I'm looking for that!

Kelly Brook, model

When an Occupy demo in the centre of Frankfurt makes world news, I shall hurry to join in.

Nigel Farage, politician

You can get really left of centre influences in mainstream pop. Michael Jackson and Prince are some of the most progressive artists ever if you actually dissect their songs there's some crazy stuff going on.

Kimbra, musician

My roles don't centre around drugs at all! Shadiness is different - it's drama. We're making movies! You've gotta have conflict.

Timothy Olyphant, actor

In 1998 I invested in the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Uni and subsequently put more capital into enterprise education to try and help change the culture.

Tom Hunter, businessman

I was always the sexy bass player in the background while Robin stood centre. Barry and I played it up a bit, gave 'em a bit of thigh.

Maurice Gibb, musician

The Doors were successful. It was Jim Morrison as the centre and the figure and the spokesman, the figurehead, but we were all into the same thing. That's why we were a band.

Ray Manzarek, musician

That match was late evening and I had the experience of the electricity of the Centre Court because it was packed, a full house for the whole match. It had been a great year for me, first time there and I had the full taste of Wimbledon.

John Newcombe, athlete

You have to face the fact that I have no reputation as a composer; I have my reputation as a songwriter and a performer-and that opportunity came this summer, when I was invited to perform at the Lincoln Centre festival in New York... three nights.

Elvis Costello, musician

The equatorial line is, in fact, the centre of atmospheric motion.

John Hanning Speke, soldier

The character and fight against fascism moved centre stage when, in 1936, Franco attempted to overthrow by force the Popular Front Government of Republican Spain.

Bill Alexander, politician

I guess when Rick is finished with his Journey to the Centre of the Earth, then we might have a go at something. We'd like to, we're open to it, and we've been talking about it.

Keith Emerson, musician

So I think that, yes, anything that makes it more palatable and easier to understand, such as a Virtual Centre, has to be seen as a primary activity within the educational and information global state.

Richard Rogers, architect

Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.

Lillian Russell, actress

The centre of the system of the world is immovable.

Isaac Newton, mathematician

I was part of the draft resistance movement in LA where we did demonstrations at the draft centre and burned our cards and made a lot of trouble on campus.

Cheech Marin, comedian

We think that Kosovo will continue to serve as a centre of violence and regional instability in future.

Boris Trajkovski, statesman

Body experience... is the centre of creation.

Barbara Hepworth, artist

I suddenly saw that all the time it was not I who had been seeking God, but God who had been seeking me. I had made myself the centre of my own existence and had my back turned to God.

Bede Griffiths, clergyman

God had brought me to my knees and made me acknowledge my own nothingness, and out of that knowledge I had been reborn. I was no longer the centre of my life and therefore I could see God in everything.

Bede Griffiths, clergyman

The cross is the centre of all this in every respect.

John Nelson Darby, clergyman

I was head of the Sixth Form Centre when I left the school.

Estelle Morris, politician

The funny thing is all these school shootings that we have, always happen in very religious communities. Maybe it's because the centre of their lives is a big fat nothing and it's just a fantasy and there's nothing there. I think maybe that might have something to do with it.

Matthew Bright, director

At the centre of Christianity is community; we are gathered by the Lord around the altar.

Timothy Radcliffe, clergyman

To forgive and to be forgiven are the two points of holy magnificence and holy modesty; round these two centres the whole doctrine of largesse revolves.

Charles Williams, editor

Of thousands of others, nearer the centre of the explosion, there was no trace. They vanished. The theory in Hiroshima is that the atomic heat was so great that they burned instantly to ashes - except that there were no ashes.

Wilfred Burchett, journalist

There is a tone of morality throughout the rural districts of England, which is unhappily wanting in the large towns and the centres of particular manufactures.

Henry Mayhew, journalist

I was never the girl who walked down the centre of the hallway snapping people out of her way.

Piper Perabo, actress

In the sense that you're not at the centre of power, like a president or prime minister of a major power, everyone is marginalised; my position doesn't isn't unique in that respect. I think there are different sorts of relevance in different contexts.

Peter Singer, philosopher

I think that I always loved being the centre of attention!

Katherine Heigl, actress

I think you could make a completely Virtual Centre, though I have a general feeling, and maybe because I am getting very old, that you still need face to face.

Richard Rogers, architect

We are now in the middle of the centre of the first half.

David Pleat, athlete

Time, which runs through the world like an endless tinsel thread, seemed to pass through the centre of this room and through the centre of these people and suddenly to pause and petrify, stiff, still and glittering... and the objects in the room drew a little closer together.

Robert Musil, writer

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