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Don't waste your time with explanations people only hear what they want to hear.

Simple Explanation quotes - "Simple Explanation" is the 20th episode of the fifth season of House. It first aired on April 6, 2009. As Eddie Novack (Meat Loaf) lies on his deathbed

Explanation of benefits quotes - An explanation of benefits (commonly referred to as an EOB form) is a statement sent by a health insurance company to covered individuals explaining what

Occam's razor quotes - scientific method is based on the falsifiability criterion. For each accepted explanation of a phenomenon, there may be an extremely large, perhaps even incomprehensible

Right to explanation quotes - subfield of machine learning, a right to explanation (or right to an explanation) is a right to be given an explanation for an output of the algorithm. Such

Abductive reasoning quotes - as inference to the best explanation, although not all usages of the terms abduction and inference to the best explanation are exactly equivalent. In

Explorable explanation quotes - An explorable explanation (often shortened to explorable) is a form of informative media where an interactive computer simulation of a given concept is

Causality quotes - how the world progresses, so basic a concept that it is more apt as an explanation of other concepts of progression than as something to be explained by

Tautology quotes - Tautology may refer to: Tautology (language), redundant statements in literature and rhetoric Tautology (logic), in formal logic, a statement that is true

Explanation-based learning quotes - Explanation-based learning (EBL) is a form of machine learning that exploits a very strong, or even perfect, domain theory in order to make generalizations