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Twin Peaks was special because it was so groundbreaking. In the early '90s it really changed television a lot. A bunch of weird shows, like Northern Exposure, came on after that.

— Sherilyn Fenn

Almighty Groundbreaking quotations

The first Decline I did was out of sheer love and appreciation for the music.

In 1977, it was more about bands, because punk was a new form of music. It was groundbreaking and political.

Modern music and artistry would look and sound completely different if not for the groundbreaking contributions Michael Jackson gifted to the world.

All my singles went platinum-plus.All my records and videos were groundbreaking.

I have a lot of respect for Jay-Z, Eminem, Ludacris, Cee-Lo. They're groundbreaking.

Innovation comes ultimately from a diversity of perspectives.

So when you combine ideas from different industries or different cultures, that's when you have the best sense of developing groundbreaking ideas.

In a groundbreaking move, the Associated Press, the largest news-gathering organization in the World, will no longer use the term 'illegal immigrant'. They will now use the phrase 'undocumented democrat'.

Calculus, the electrical battery, the telephone, the steam engine, the radio - all these groundbreaking innovations were hit upon by multiple inventors working in parallel with no knowledge of one another.

I played in a band and attended Grambling University.

I think the Mob style funk music I do was patterned after the big college bands. I was also influenced by groundbreaking efforts of Too Short.

The only way you survive on all these services is if you're groundbreaking.

There's pressure to be groundbreaking, which is the greatest thing that's ever happened. It's a bizarre aspect of what's happened with all of these subscription services is everyone is trying to outdo each other by doing great things.

I can think of no one more relevant and credible in the hip-hop community to build upon Def Jam's fantastic legacy and move the company into its next groundbreaking era.

No matter what part of the country you come from, you can always come together to make groundbreaking hip-hop.

Most remember the groundbreaking first in sports;

few remember the third or fourth to follow in those tracks. That's not downplaying anyone's achievements but rather recognizing that there comes a time when simply being there is no longer good enough for the record books.

Groundbreaking innovators generate and execute far more ideas.

I don't want to be lofty, but it was groundbreaking, in many ways, for musical theater, so that was really thrilling to be part of The Book of Mormon . And Girls felt very much the same way - there was an excitement about it as we were doing it; I knew it was something special.

It does seem like between the groundbreaking writing of Edmund White's generation and the work of younger gay writers in their twenties and thirties there is a kind of gap.

Poland didn't experience a groundbreaking moment in 1989.

We didn't storm the secret police building. The squads of secret police, with all their political baggage, remained unscathed.

A groundbreaking, fast-paced, action-oriented new training program for dealing with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Self-Coaching is a dramatic and fresh departure from traditional therapeutic approaches and a motivational training program for reclaiming life by breaking the habits that feed these problems.

What I love about what digital entertainment has done is that they've given real creative freedom to folks like myself who are doing really groundbreaking stuff.

I think one of the most groundbreaking inventions of all time is the jackhammer.

I don't know if the '80s were unique, but we certainly got original, groundbreaking stuff at the time with movies like 'Back to the Future' and 'Star Wars' - movies that became classics.

I always want to do something groundbreaking, something different.

I think that's what it's always about. If you have the means to do it, why not?

That was one of the reasons I took the role [of Mayor Amanda Rosewater in Defiance] - to be a part of something groundbreaking interested me.

The introduction of Harriet Tubman is going to be very exciting, she's a real life superhero so for us to be able to feature her this season is groundbreaking for a television series.

We were able to conclude a Paris climate agreement, which will lead the way for the rest of the world, which is groundbreaking. And together with the sustainable development goals of the agenda 2030 for the whole world, this is indeed a sea change, I think, that we see here, and, step-by-step, it will be implemented.

I felt like it was a courageous show [Black-ish] from the beginning.

We are a black family - we're not a family that happens to be black. But the show is not even about us being black. The show is about us being a family. That is groundbreaking - on TV, the black characters either happen to be black or they're the "black character," where everything they say is about being black. I think that's the genius.

I looked at [Geena Davis] research and see things like 21 percent of filmmakers are women, only 31 percent of speaking roles in popular films are female - you start seeing it everywhere. It's so much bigger. So you've uncovered this groundbreaking data and research.

From the time I got the first couple of scripts [of Jessica Jones], I always felt that this was groundbreaking material and a groundbreaking character.

I do also think it eludes genre a bit - not in any groundbreaking way but you can't quite call it a comedy and you can't quite call it a romantic anything. It's not quite a drama either really. But it has elements of all those things.

Jane Jacobs work wouldnt have been complete if it hadn't inspired others to carry it on, and evolve Jane's groundbreaking accomplishments so that the essential kernel of thought remains relevant for future generations. The essayists in What We See have built on those essential footholds that people who have never heard of Jane Jacobs will benefit from for decades.

I did some great work with my Calvin Klein ads on the motorcycle.

It was really groundbreaking because people hadn't seen a woman actually riding a motorcycle before.

I really knew how to speak - from my female voice, that "different voice" that Carol Gilligan so presciently described many years ago in her groundbreaking book. Because if we try to speak in a voice that isn't ours, we lose our power.

The second edition of There Is a Cure for Diabetes is groundbreaking.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens gets impressive results that speak for themselves. He is reducing and even eliminating the need for medication, rated by The Journal of the American Medical Association as the fourth leading cause of death in people with diabetes. This well-documented book is all the more important and a better alternative.

The Italian historian Armando Petrucci has done more than anyone else to revive interest in public writing. His groundbreaking Public Lettering: Script, Power, and Culture surveys the forms and uses of epigraphic writing from classical antiquity to the twentieth century.

They were and still are a groundbreaking band.

Even though they haven't released any new music in ages, you can put on the first Black Sabbath album and it still sounds as fresh today as it did 30-odd years ago. And that's because great music has a timeless ability: To me, Sabbath are in the same league as the Beatles or Mozart. They're on the leading edge of something extraordinary.

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