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I wanna make a jigsaw puzzle that's 40,000 pieces. And when you finish it, it says 'go outside.' Demetri Martin

Egotism, n: Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle with a pen. Ambrose Bierce

I would prefer not to. Herman Melville
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Sometimes I'll have sections that I'm not quite sure how they fit in the puzzle of a tune, they'll get moved around; what I think was originally a verse ends up becoming the chorus, or what's an intro gets dropped as a hook, things get shifted around a lot. Gotye

But a lot of shows, they pose questions and they give you a puzzle where there's no solution. Aaron Stanford
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Most of the places I've been, I've been a main piece of the puzzle. Eric Davis
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I get intrigued by a puzzle, and writing a book is the best way to solve it. Anthony Storr
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Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain, With grammar, and nonsense, and learning, Good liquor, I stoutly maintain, Gives genius a better discerning. Oliver Goldsmith
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Tell the truth so as to puzzle and confound your adversaries. Henry Wotton

Nothing puzzles me more than the time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less. Charles Lamb

So now it is time to disassemble the parts of the jigsaw puzzle or to piece another one together, for I find that, having come to the end of my story, my life is just beginning. Conrad Veidt

I just consider myself a piece of the puzzle and I'm lucky enough to be asked or invited to the party, if you will. I hope I can bring some laughs and grimaces to the fans. Adam Baldwin
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Throughout history there have been many other examples, similar to that of Haeckel, Huxley and the cell, where a key piece of a particular scientific puzzle was beyond the understanding of the age. Michael Behe
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A good puzzle, it's a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It's very clear, and the problem depends just on you. Erno Rubik
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No, absolutely not, writing doesn't have to be like a jigsaw puzzle, it can be a very linear undertaking. Guillermo Cabrera Infante

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