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The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

— Leonard Nimoy

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Without followers, evil cannot spread.

The network told me to get rid of Number One, the woman first lieutenant, and also get rid of 'that Martian fellow'... meaning, of course, Spock. I knew I couldn't keep both, so I gave the stoicism of the female officer to Spock, and married the actress who played Number One. Thank God it wasn't the other way around. I mean Leonard's cute, but...

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A stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.

Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.

The thing I was attracted to as a little girl was Kirk, Bones and Spock, and their utter loyalty. There's nothing more powerful than that.

My first crush was Spock. I thought it didn't get any better than Spock.

I am not Spock.

May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.

I've never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.

Insufficient facts always invite danger.

I am not Spock. But given the choice, if I had to be someone else, I would be Spock. If someone said, "You can have the choice of being any other TV character ever played," I would choose Spock. I like him. I admire him. I respect him

After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.

Interesting. You Earth people glorify organized violence for 40 centuries, but you imprison those who employ it privately.

Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected, in this case I would think interesting would suffice.

Cool, logical, big-eared and level-headed, the center of Star Trek's optimistic, inclusive vision of humanity's future. I loved Spock.

Curious how often you Humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.

Where there is no emotion, there is no motive for violence.

There was much to put out of his mind.

Why was it difficult to forget Chekov's astonished delight which greeted him at the command airlock when he boarded. And on the bridge - Kirk! The mere name made Spock groan inwardly as he remembered what it had cost him to turn away from that welcome. T'hy'la!

Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere, I believe we have arrived at the late twentieth century.

Art, if it is successful, needs no explanation.

Star Trek and Spock, if they are works of art, can be discussed. But finally the response comes in individual terms. Each viewer sees what is there for him, depending on his frame of reference.

Yeah, the whole family knows. It's no big deal. One night at dinner I said, 'Mom, you know the forbidden love that Spock has for Kirk? Well, me too.' It was easier for her to understand that way.

Spock was the sex symbol. A lot of people think it was Kirk. But, no, it was really Spock.

I am not a Starfleet commander, or T.

J. Hooker. I don't live on Starship NCC-1701, or own a phaser. And I don't know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock.

Certainly my parents were Dr. [Benjamin] Spock-driven parents. So they were tolerant.

My relationship with Leonard [Nimoy] was a byproduct of playing Spock that I never would have imagined, but the more I got to know him, the more I realized, there are no mistakes. I'm playing this role for very specific reasons, and maybe those reasons have to do with where I am creatively in my life, but maybe they have to do with where I am personally in my life. Leonard was such a teacher for me.

Dr. Spock, who said, Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected. Never got a dinner!

How often do our heroes stand still? It's hard to imagine Spock and Kirk landing on a planet and just relaxing for a month or two. Just hanging out has nothing to do with boldly going where no one has gone before. What makes us different from every other creature is that we go places, places we've not gone before. We do it willingly, and often. What makes our work and our life interesting is discovery, surprise, and the risk of exploration.

It is my belief that one of the most exciting things about the World Wide Web is that they allow minds, as Spock might say, to meld. The transfer of consciousness through a variety of mediums is nothing new.

People from outer space they come up to me, they don't look like Doctor Spock, they don't look like Klingons, all that Star Trek jive. They look like Elvis.

Now, we've made the revolutionary discovery that children have two parents.

A decade ago even the kindly Dr. Spock held mothers solely responsible for children.

Spock is definitely one of my best friends.

When I put on those ears, it's not like just another day. When I become Spock, that day becomes something special.

Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard was a lifelong lover of the arts and humanities, a supporter of the sciences, generous with his talent and his time. And of course, Leonard was Spock. Cool, logical, big-eared and level-headed, the center of Star Trek’s optimistic, inclusive vision of humanity’s future. I loved Spock.

If death is truly a curse,' Spock said, as soberly as some power pronouncing a hundred years of sleep, but with a glint of private, serene humor in his eyes. 'There is little logic in condemning something one has not experienced...or does not remember experiencing.

Mr. Spock : 'I began to study human behavior from an alien perspective, thinking, humans are interesting, sad, foolish, but worthy of study.