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The stats win nothing. I'm still sexy. I'm still great.

— Shaquille O'Neal

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I find it terrible when talents are rejected based on computer stats.

Based on the criteria at Ajax now I would have been rejected. When I was 15, I couldn't kick a ball 15 meters with my left and maybe 20 with my right. My qualities technique and vision, are not detectable by a computer.

Without a doubt in my mind, I should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

You look at my stats without my USFL stats, and I don't know how you can argue with that. Look at my combined yards. I'm not one to make excuses, so I'll play by their rules and not even count the USFL stats.

It's all about winning. Stats really don't matter, I mean, guys have great series and all that, and people take notice and take their place in history with those stats and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, it's all about winning and what you can do to help your team get to that point.

There are a lot of stats and a strong correlation between dropout rates and crime as well as poverty.

They proved that if you quit smoking, it will prolong your life.

What they haven't proved is that a prolonged life is a good thing. I haven't seen the stats on that yet.

I have nothing but praise for the boy.

He is easily the best player in the world. His contribution as a goal threat is unbelievable. His stats are incredible. Strikes at goal, attempts on goal, raids into the penalty box, headers. It is all there. Absolutely astounding.

Japanese gamers aren't really into action games right now.

They're into role-playing or strategy games with a lot of stats, but action titles are still really popular across the US and Europe.

In the game of life, when the final buzzer sounds, the only stat you carry with you is the number of assists you made.

I think as you get older, you realize there's always going to be critics.

Critics are going to win every time because they can change their critique based on the stats and their own personal feelings.

Messi does incredible things, his stats make you cover your eyes. He cannot be compared to anyone.

Prepare like no other, know that there was nothing left for you to do when it's all said and done. This way a loss is just a stat. The better man will always win if he prepared like no other.

If you want to know who was better, me or Willie Mays, you have to look at our career stats. And Willie's bottom line was better.

I don't think players care too much about stats and statistics.

Uh oh, this guy needs coffee and croolers stat.

These individuals on steroids, does it enhance their career, does it give them a little more strength, a little more stamina, a little more psychological edge? Absolutely. How do you determine what - what their stats would be without steroids? It's impossible to tell.

All things considered, the internet seems fairly environmentally benign to me.

The last stats I saw showed you could do 1,000 Google searches for the gas it took to drive six-tenths of a mile. But the internet can't substitute for real connection and community.

I can speak volumes about the guy sitting next to me.

You look at his stat line tonight, he had a lot of foul trouble and didn't really get going, but when he was in there, he was defending. He was playing physical, and he was doing everything he could to help us win.

I think the Pistons have such a well rounded team, which is why they're so successful. All you have to do is look at the stats defensively and at their rebounding and scoring.

In the past, TSR and now Wizards of the Coast have asked me to do game stats for my characters, and I'm never comfortable doing that. It's all relative after all.

Stats are for losers. I like winning games.

I came in the league as not a shooter, not a scorer.

My game was to play defense and make my teammates better. The most important stat to me was that left column - winning. Nothing else matters.

I don't mind talking about the game. I don't mind talking about what we go through as players, because I want people to get a deeper look inside instead of looking at stats all the time or looking at numbers or just watching the game. I want them to get a pulse on us as players, and a lot of players might not want that, but that's what I want.

Things happen in baseball, even if, in theory, it's something you don't do.

Stats are a tool, but it doesn't mean that's how a game is being played at that moment. There's more than one way to win a game, or have a winning team.

I don't get it: they re-package the same shitty football games every year, update a few stats, call it a new game and millions of suckers keep buying them. What's the point? Why not just go outside and play real football instead? Or even better yet, get bent. Nobody likes football.

I learned a long time ago that at the end of the day, the only stat that counts is points, The other ones are significant, but I'd much rather have the right score on the board. At the end of the day, that's what we're worried about.

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Stats don't matter. I care about winning, not stats. If I score 0 points and we win I'm happy. If I score 50, 60 points, break the records, and we lose, I'm pissed off. 'Cause I knew I did something wrong. I'll have a hell of a season if I win the championship and average 20 points a game.

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The most important thing regardless of my stats or anybody else's stats is the win-loss record. In the locker room people are always telling me, you're doing this and that. I don't really pay that much attention so long as we have a 'W' in that column; that's the kind of thing that makes me really happy. It blows all stats out of the water.

I told Clinton I want him to rush for 2,000 yards.

And I want our team to go to the Super Bowl and win it. I've been there and not won it. It's really simple for me. You get stats, fame and fortune, but if you don't end up with the ring you're never satisfied.

Seven years ago, my father and I realized that our relationship was extremely unique, especially in the African-American community. He raised me to not only understand the fundamentals of basketball and to try to be a player with a high basketball IQ, but he wanted me to understand that my image and my name meant more than stats.

I take my vote as a salute to the little guy, the one who doesn't hit 500 home runs. I was one of the guys that did all they could to win. I'm proud of my stats, but I don't think I ever got on for.

If you look at me, basically my whole entire life I've been around water.

So when you look at a stat like, "If you leave the faucet running for two minutes while you brush your teeth you waste four gallons of water," to me that's mind-blowing. There are so many people that don't even have access to clean water, and people leave their faucets running. For me it was something that fit with things that I believe in.

A lot of women in the workplace are stuck in the uncomfortable place of having to come to terms with the fact that something isn't right, while no one around them will listen, or accept that something is wrong. Many workplaces have best practice, but sadly, many do not. The barriers are not insurmountable, but they are there, and we see that in the stats.

Coolidge's stat was so low; he's ranked in the bottom half of presidents. What I found when I encountered this man was the leader I might like to see today.

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