The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife.

— David Ogilvy

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A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.


The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.


I never tell one client that I cannot attend his sales convention because I have a previous engagement with another client; successful polygamy depends upon pretending to each spouse that she is the only pebble on your beach.

David Ogilvy quote We're all consumers. The consumer is not

We're all consumers. The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.


I don't know the rules of grammar... If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.


I did not feel 'evil' when I wrote advertisements for Puerto Rico.

They helped attract industry and tourists to a country which had been living on the edge of starvation for 400 years.


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Good copy can't be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living.

You've got to believe in the product.

David Ogilvy quote The consumer is not a moron, she is your

The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.


Shakespeare wrote his sonnets within a strict discipline, fourteen lines of iambic pentameter, rhyming in three quatrains and a couplet. Were his sonnets dull? Mozart wrote his sonatas within an equally rigid discipline - exposition, development, and recapitulation. Were they dull?.


If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.


Play to win, but enjoy the fun.

David Ogilvy quote Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Ai

Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.


The manufacturer who finds himself up the creek is the short-sighted opportunist who siphons off all his advertising dollars for short-term promotions.


The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.


Advertising is a business of words, but advertising agencies are infested with men and women who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.

David Ogilvy quote You can never spend too much time thinki

You can never spend too much time thinking about, worrying about, caring about your people, because at the end of the day it's only people who matter. Nothing else.


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Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns.


When people aren't having any fun, they seldom produce good work.

Kill the grimness with laughter. Encourage exuberance. Get rid of sad dogs that spread gloom.


Every ad is an investment in the long-term image of a brand.

David Ogilvy quote The way up the ladder is open to everybo

The way up the ladder is open to everybody.


Big ideas are usually simple ideas.


In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.


Senior men have no monopoly on great ideas.

Nor do creative people. Some of the best ideas come from account executives, researchers and others. Encourage this, you need all the ideas you can get.


First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius.

Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them to go get on with it.


To advertisers: "Do not compete with your agency in the creative area.

Why keep a dog and bark yourself?"


At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.


In most agencies, account executives outnumber the copywriters two to one.

If you were a dairy farmer, would you employ twice as many milkers as you had cows?


Encourage innovation. Change is our lifeblood, stagnation our death knell.


What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.


Every advertisement is part of the long term investment in the personality of the brand.


There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements.

If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50 per cent more readers.


Nobody has ever built a brand by imitating somebody else's advertising.


What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.


It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.


I never write fewer than sixteen headlines for a single advertisement.


Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it.

Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.


A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team.

It makes the most of every crew member's talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service.


I once used the word OBSOLETE in a headline, only to discover that 43 per cent of housewives had no idea what it meant. In another headline, I used the word INEFFABLE, only to discover that I didn't know what it meant myself.


Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.


The secret of long life is double careers.

One to about age sixty, then another for the next thirty years.


The worst fault a salesman can commit is to be a bore.

..... Pretend to be vastly interested in any subject the prospects shows an interest in.


Many people - and I think I am one of them - are more productive when they've had a little to drink. I find if I drink two or three brandies, I'm far better able to write.


Unless your campaign has a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.


Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.


I notice increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment; they are coming to rely too much on research, and they use it as a drunkard uses a lamp post for support, rather than for illumination.


You have only 30 seconds in a TV commercial.

If you grab attention in the first frame with a visual surprise, you stand a better chance of holding the viewer. People screen out a lot of commercials because they open with something dull. When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire.


Do not address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium.

When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.


David Ogilvy made his copywriters come up 100 different headlines for every ad they wrote.


Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things.


The temptation to entertain instead of selling is contagious.


I have noticed that agencies which are full of fun and ferment seem to create the best advertising. If you are not happy in advertising, for goodness sake find a job in which you would be happy. For as far as I know, we pass this way only once


Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.


...consumers do not buy one brand of soap, or coffee, or detergent. They have a repertory of four or five brands, and move from one to another. They almost never buy a brand which has not been admitted to their repertory during its first year on the market.


People don't buy a new detergent because the manufacturer told a joke on television last night.