We lay out our lives in a narrative we understand, like a movie, but are you enjoying making it or are you wondering who's watching my movie.

— Donald Glover

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I am what I am, everything I wanna be


I felt like high school for me was like a big whirlpool of me trying to figure out what was OK for me to do.


Took the G out yo waffle, all you got left is your ego.


Bright lights, they tend to burn out fast. So I shine bright, but I'm scared that it won't last.


May your dreams be sweet and your nightmares be spooky-monster-scary and not grandma-died-scary.


Writing is a very strenuous thing - it's like banging your head against a wall.

At the end of the day, acting is better, just because nobody ever asked me if I wanted a Pellegrino in the writer's room.


I'd much rather have AIDS than a baby.

.. They're not that different at all. They're both expensive, you have them for the rest of your life, they're constant reminders of the mistakes you've made and once you have them, you pretty much can only date other people who have them.


One thing my dad once said to me, "You either want to be right, or you want to be happy. To be happy, there's gotta be a conversation."


Revenge is for the weak so I have settled my vendettas with all of the kids who made my early life a living hell.


People are sometimes like: "Oh man, you're so talented and you do a bunch of stuff." I'm not! I swear to god, I'm not. I just like learning stuff, I like doing stuff. And I feel like everybody can definitely do it.


Don't be mad cuz I'm doing me better than you doing you.


I think that's what makes a good rapper.

Somebody who wants to push themselves and their audience further.


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If you like strange, specific stuff - that's a nerd.

Kanye West is a black nerd. He likes strange, specific stuff. If you go up to Kanye West and say, 'Hey, what are your favorite things?' He'll be like, 'Robots and teddy bears.' That's a nerd.


When you think of the former high school football star, you think 6-foot-2, white, meathead as the model for that kind of character. Since I'm not 6-foot-2 or white, I just thought about what I could bring to it. I thought about Smash Williams from 'Friday Night Lights,' like the cocky quarterback, and played around with that.


They say my public persona don't have enough appeal, I take a lesson from Kanye and give 'em something real.


When anybody pays you to be creative, you're very lucky.


Why does every girl in the world wanna date me? Especially right now man, especially when I'm busy!


There are some rappers out there that I listen to, that I'm like: "You are really good but you could be like the Michael Jordan of rap if you applied yourself." There's a lot of people who are better at basketball than Michael Jordan, but Michael Jordan just wanted to be Michael Jordan, more.


I'm trying hard not to use a specific reference, but you'll probably know it's you after the first sentence.


Black culture is a fight. We want to hold on to what we are, but sometimes the things that we are can be totally negative. You have to think: can't we try something new and not be seen as suspect?


I lost my virginity junior year of college, I was 21.

.. I was awkward, and I was raised Jehovah's Witness so I thought sex was bad, I thought I was going to go to hell, and get AIDS immediately.


Black men struggle with masculinity so much.

The idea that we must always be strong really presses us all down - it keeps us from growing.


L.A. is such a different place. I miss New York so much. I almost teared up when I came back and wanted a Guinness and realized I could drink it and take a cab home. I remembered that I could be a functional alcoholic in New York, like I used to be!


I call 'Community' the best day job in the world, because between takes, I get to write music. I get to write sketches. I get to write movies. It's the best job ever.


Never kiss in public, but at home I am affectionate.


To all my fans who's saying Donald Glover about to blow, just give me six months so you can say I told you so.


I'm very impatient, so I was like, 'I want to be able to do whatever I want now.

' But even the biggest stars - you look back and they weren't overnight.


My swag is always capital and live in north Virginia.


Rapper, just puts so much connotation on who you are and what is exposed.

Even if a lot of it is out-dated, people still bring a lot to it.


I don't think I'm good, I don't think I'm a good rapper.

I think a lot of people always want me to battle somebody and stuff like that which is cool, but I don't see myself as a rapper.


I try and go to as many places as possible.

It's really cool that I even get to see different places.


I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but 'American Dad' is one of my favourite shows. It gets very dark in places but the jokes are there.


Yes I'm grown and sexy, and I'm worth the wait. Girls act like I'm the only dude on earth to date.


I feel like guys don't think it's cool to use emojis.

I'm like, that's so whack. Emojis help so much. They really do give context to something.


The worst is feeling worthless.


Twitter does have an effect on everything - things you put out there, they are out there for good.


I feel like there's a lot of rappers that could out-rap me and I wouldn't want to face any of them.


It makes me wonder what this rapping shits a hobby for, oh that's right, because I'm gifted in another field, and another field, and another field.


I keep it wrapped until i meet the right one 'Cause I ain't Mumford, I ain't trying to have sons


When I wanna be a superhero I just wake up.


I don't talk soft, that's that other guy.


I think it's a comedian's job to make everything funny. Nothing is off-limits.


What's the point of rap if you can't be yourself, huh?


I have to say it's better to be an actor, only because people worry about what time you go to sleep and what you dress like. As opposed to a writer, where it's like, "Oh I'm in my New York University sweatshirt and I'm not wearing pants." You're not worried about what you're eating or anything. It's all a part of your process.


Girls who used to tell me I ain't cool enough now text me pics saying you can tear this up!


Most people think I'm Danny Glover's son when they meet me.

So when they ask, I say 'No, I'm Crispin Glover's son.' Then we stare at each other for a long time.


I refuse to go back to not liking who I was.


I come around when you least expect me! I'm sitting at the bar when your glass is empty!


I hope people come to the shows because they feel like there's something there that I can't necessarily articulate, but it's real and it's fun.