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  1. Eighty percent of what everyone's talking about never happens. I don't mean in terms of product development that's happening right now, I'm talking about the far-flung visions of the future.
  2. Taking risks gives me energy.
  3. If you really think about it, when watching television, you have product placement all the time.
  4. Sometimes the most important job advertising can do, is to clarify the obvious.
  5. How big can we get before we get bad?
  6. Our technology is very scalable. Our software can accommodate enormous numbers of clients. It's a marvelous opportunity. We'll keep developing products.
  7. Charlie Rose is the ultimate ad.
  8. Now that I'm a client, I understand what a jerk I was.
  9. We don't have titles on our business cards. No one really gets any special treatment. No one gets a corner office to put pictures of their family and their dog in.
  10. One is that that's the way we started and we thought there would be more value and less confusion if the business model was just based on delivering news that's of value to Web sites.

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  • In the '20s they were telling us wed all have our own private plane and take vacations to the moon.
  • I'm uncomfortable when I'm comfortable ... I can't help it, it's my personality.
  • I like the Gap ad, the khaki one. I liked that.

Jay Chiat Quotes On Advertising

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I can't say the advertising model is obsolete yet but it doesn't make a lot of sense in the long range. — Jay Chiat

Outside of advertising, the person who's influenced me most is quite possibly Frank Gehry. — Jay Chiat

You start losing a client the moment you get it. — Jay Chiat

My real talent was for losing clients. — Jay Chiat

But I think technology advertising will have to stop addressing how products are made and concentrate more on what a product will do for the consumer. — Jay Chiat

It's very fascinating, it's very addictive, and it's incredibly challenging. You're never satisfied. It's kind of like advertising. You're never satisfied — Jay Chiat

Advertising ought to work by telling you what it is you want to tell, you should understand what you want us to do, what you want us to think, where you want us to shop. — Jay Chiat

Jay Chiat Quotes On Work

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If you can't be bothered to work on Saturday, don't bother to come in on Sunday. — Jay Chiat

The team architecture means setting up an organization that helps people produce that great work in teams. — Jay Chiat

You come to work because the office is a resource: The office is a place where you can meet with other people, and the office has libraries of books and information on CD-ROM that might help you with your work. — Jay Chiat

The intellectual architecture means focusing on doing great work instead of focusing on agency politics. — Jay Chiat

Transferring successfully to the next generation means producing work that's as good as or better than the work of the first generation that founded the agency. — Jay Chiat

Jay Chiat Quotes On People

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Research we've done seems to indicate that people who are on the Net like the idea that they don't have to leave what they are reading to go buy something. — Jay Chiat

First, this isn't about telecommuting, because we still have offices that people will come to regularly when they need to brainstorm together, meet with clients, or do research in the library. — Jay Chiat

It's hard to build a brand, competitively, and tell people what you do as well. — Jay Chiat

Jay Chiat Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Second, we're spending a huge amount of money on technology so that everyone can check out laptops and portable phones. We're spending more money to write our existing information into databases or onto CD-ROM. — Jay Chiat

I'm uncomfortable when I'm comfortable. I have to start something new-in the agency or in my personal life-every two years or so. Taking risks gives me energy. I can't help it, it's my personality. I'd like to think it's not really a compulsion toward high risks, but the spirit of an entrepreneur. — Jay Chiat

We set up a beta site, a test site, with movie, music and book reviews. If you're reading them and you want to buy a book or a ticket for a movie that's reviewed on the site, you can do that without leaving our site. — Jay Chiat

Fire has impacted every part of our lives - without fire, there would be no shopping, right? - that's how the Internet will intrude on our lives, particularly our kids' lives. — Jay Chiat

Technology is the fashion of the '90s. It affects everyone, and everyone is interested in it - either from fear of being left behind or because they have a real need to use technology. — Jay Chiat

Life Lessons by Jay Chiat

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  1. Jay Chiat taught the importance of taking risks and pushing boundaries in order to achieve success. He believed that failure was an opportunity to learn, and that the only way to truly succeed was to take risks and challenge the status quo.
  2. He also believed in the power of collaboration and teamwork, and encouraged people to work together to create something bigger than themselves.
  3. Lastly, Jay Chiat encouraged people to never stop learning and to be open to new ideas and experiences. He believed that the only way to truly grow was to challenge yourself and to stay curious.

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