It's that tingle in my stomach, that lump in my throat and that smile on my face that tell me I am part of an incredible team.

— Kristine Lilly

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If you care about the people you work with then you work harder


When I first made the team I didn't even know there was a national team.

So to meit was all new. When I got asked to go on the trip to China I was 16. I said, 'well you know what I have to ask my parents.' So I called home and I am like, 'Mom and Dad can I go to China?' They were like 'sure.'


You face adversity all the time. I accept what lies ahead and then I do my best. You can't take things too seriously, and you can't use things as an excuse or you'll never get through.


You can either stick to your goals, or you can just go through the motions and rest on your status. But it's all about work.


In terms of history and sports, I don't think people will forget.

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