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The key to the utilization of atomic energy for world peace will be found in the will of all people to restrict its use for the betterment of mankind.

— Leslie Groves

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People who talk of outlawing the atomic bomb are mistaken - what needs to be outlawed is war.

Leslie Groves

[I]t is tragic that the forces for destruction that we unleashed are stronger than man's present ability to control them.

Leslie Groves

We will be misguided in our intentions if we point at one single thing and say that it will prevent war, unless, of course, that thing happens to be the will, the determination, and the resolve of people everywhere that nations will never again clash on the battlefield.

Leslie Groves

This weapon [the atomic bomb] has added an additional responsibility - or, better, an additional incentive - to find a sound basis for lasting peace. It provides an overwhelming inducement for the avoidance of war. It emphasizes the crisis we face in international matters and strengthens the conviction that adequate safeguards for peace must be found.

Leslie Groves

Who is Leslie Groves?

Leslie Groves is a United States Army Corps of Engineers officer
Profession Engineer
Born August 17, 1896
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