Wrestling is an art form. I don't worry about those who don't get it; I worry about satisfying those who do.

— Paul Heyman

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It's the unbridled passion and the fearlessness to just go into something with reckless abandon that allows you to create something from nothing. That allows you to innovate. That allows you to take things to the extreme.


Brock Lesnar is not here to put smiles on people's faces.

Brock Lesnar is here to shock the WWE Universe and put TEARS in the EYES of CHILDREN!


You can not achieve success without the risk of failure.

If you are not afraid to fail, than you have a chance, but you are never going to get there unless you risk it.


The only reason why you were WWE Champion for a year, is because Triple H didn't want to work Tuesdays.


Christian! His parents had nine months to to think of a name, and the best they came up with was Christian!? My parents had nine months and they didn't call me Jew!


My Client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania!


Why be second best at anything?


Missy is really a man. She's a cross dresser. She hangs out with Sammartino. They shave each other's back.


Do you know who else is hot? My mom! My Mom's HOT!!!


This is more dangerous than double dating with Danny Bonaduce on the Kennedy compound.


You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure.

..You cannot achieve success if you FEAR failure.


I got sued more times than Martha Stewart.


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That's not a prediction, that's a spoiler.


Who's that, the windbreaker?


My own children are John Cena fans- which really pisses me off by the way.