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If I have to apply five turns to the screw each day for the happiness of Argentina, I will do it. — Evita Peron

The Peruvian faces are completely different from that faces in Argentina and in Brazil. — Walter Salles

If I could apologise and go back and change history I would do. But the goal is still a goal, Argentina became world champions and I was the best player in the world. — Diego Maradona

Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil they throw flowers at you. In Argentina they throw themselves. — Marlene Dietrich

I had watched for many years and seen how a few rich families held much of Argentina's wealth and power in their hands. So Peron and the government brought in an eight hour working day , sickness pay and fair wages to give poor workers a fair go . — Evita Peron

The tango is really a combination of many cultures, though it eventually became the national music of Argentina. — Yo-Yo Ma

Potentially he could be. He scored the goal four years ago in France against Argentina that was extraordinary. — Alan Hansen

I played for Santos at 16, and we had an excellent team, so it helped a lot. And then I played for Brazil at the Maracana against Argentina. So I get more experience. This was one year before the World Cup, and it made a lot of difference. — Pele