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We won't ever see another one like Paul Scholes. He is a legend and a real benchmark. He is not interested in the modern-day footballer's life off the pitch, but he is a world-class player on it.

— Darren Fletcher

Terrific Benchmark quotations

Benchmarks are targets that have to be fulfilled.

They cannot be fulfilled in an indefinite period of time, so there are timetables in benchmarks.

What I'm advocating is an intellectual revolution - it's a different mindset concerning the ethical benchmarks by which we live.

Social media requires that business leaders start thinking like small-town shop owners. This means taking the long view and avoiding short-term benchmarks to gauge progress. It means allowing the personality, heart and soul of the people who run all levels of the business to show.

That many if not most people...who want fresh leafy greens in January buy them at the supermarket after they've been bleached and plastic-bag shipped from California or beyond is not a tribute to modern technology; it's an unprecedented abdication of personal responsibility and a ubiquitous benchmark of abnormality.

The Burgess Shale is not unique, but for those who study evolution and fossils it has become something of an icon. It provides a reference point and a benchmark, a point of common discussion and an issue of universal scientific interest.

In football, you can never say anything is certain.

The benchmark is 38-40 points. That has always been the case. That will never change.

I tell young entrepreneurs to use the leader in their industry as a benchmark as they work to create their own brand. Dont look at what your competition is doing - if you emulate the leader in your industry, you will achieve a higher level of engagement with consumers and make their buying experience richer.

Among the many important provisions in the energy bill are the creation of an estimated half million new jobs, increased oil production, blackout protection, controlling fertilizer costs by stabilizing natural gas prices and enacting new efficiency benchmarks.

The impact of the earthquake on mental health was huge and unimaginably deep in people's lives. Some lost all benchmarks and references because of their great loss, we still have people coming to clinics with mental health problems related to the earthquake. They talk about the earthquake, about being under the rubble.

I've been very lucky to put women that I sincerely admire on the cover of 'Vogue:' the then First Lady and now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and, more recently, First Lady Michelle Obama. Those were benchmarks for the magazine, and certainly covers that I've been very, very proud of.

For the first time, the nation will have goals, benchmarks, and measureable outcomes that will help us tackle the childhood obesity epidemic one child, one family, and one community at a time.

I have not seen that standardised tests make the profession less attractive, though some principals respond to them in a way that drives the best teachers out of their schools (by over-emphasising test prep in the school curriculum for example). On the other hand, great teachers want benchmarks to measure progress and tests can help with that.

I didn't realize how slow my four-year-old MacBook was until the web team wanted to start using it as the benchmark for a slow computer experience.

My visitors say they noticed perfumes from different companies in my fridge, and ask what I need these for. I explain that they are mainly there as historical benchmarks of quality, below which I must not and would not want to fall.

Baptism is the critical priesthood ordinance which opens the door to eternal life for each one of us. It is the benchmark from which we count our many blessings because this is when our accountability to follow Jesus Christ and live his Gospel begins.

We want to support our troops because they didn't make the decision to go there.

.. but I don't think it should be open-ended. We ought to have a benchmark where the administration has to come back and give us a report.

We still haven't played Madison Square Garden.

That's a benchmark. Something will have gone seriously wrong if we don't play Madison Square Garden for this album.

You can muck around with different guitars for certain bits, but you have to have your own sound. That's your benchmark, that's your sound. I also play a Black Beauty. It sounds amazing.

As there are more online archives of improvised music, it becomes more like the daily practice of playing it. It lessens the idea of there being masterpieces of improvised music through benchmark recordings.

There's strength in numbers. One designer isn't going to change everything. Everyone has to demand that their materials are being sustainably sourced. Just like how cosmetic companies won't test on animals, there have to be benchmarks that we can all adopt.

One way Great Teams can share their visions is by creatively laying out their plans and visions, creating a road map for its members to follow. A Great Team outlines expectations for all members of an organization and for the organization as a whole. This clear-cut set of objectives - a road map - enables the organization to set benchmarks and goals and ultimately to lay the foundation for its own success.

You read a bunch of books and you get a bunch of how-tos, and you take a bunch of classes and you learn a bunch of techniques. You set yourself goals and benchmarks. I think people have imported that into their experience of taking care of children.

Generally the things you get offered are never things you want to do.

It's a continual fight for the good parts. As you climb the ladder and get to different benchmarks, enter new stratospheres, you're just competing against all the other people in that stratosphere.

When we feel pressured to have achieved certain things by a particular age, it could ultimately hinder us. It's great to have goals but those specific benchmarks can easily become irrelevant once you ask yourself, 'where am I having the most impact?' 'Am I going after the stories I want to tell?'

I think that [Donald Trump] clearly was able to tap into a lot of grievances.

And he has a talent for making a connection with his supporters that overrode some of the traditional benchmarks of how you'd run a campaign or conduct yourself as a presidential candidate. What will be interesting to see is how that plays out during the course of his presidency.

As professional actors, it's our job to entertain our audiences while setting benchmarks for ourselves as well, creatively and intellectually.

Totie Fields is one of my benchmarks for a lot of things. There was a standard of show business.

[Molecular gastronomy] was a great trend, because it experimented with food.

The benchmark was [former elBulli head chef] Ferran Adrià, and now he is no longer there it is harder to gauge.

You need judgment, you need to utilize conventional resource-allocation analysis, you have to work backward from estimations of the market to the current investments and you have to do some benchmarking of your product and its potential against your competition.

There are some pretty obvious ways of benchmarking creativity.

One way is to perform what I call a creativity audit, which is to look at your capabilities and look at your performance and examine the percentage of revenue that comes from products that are less than five years old, less than three years old and that are current with the present accounting period. You can then compare those figures to those of your competition along the same axes.

We don't have a studio, we don't have a radio station, we don't have anybody breathing down our necks to make a budget. We don't have any benchmarks that we have to hit. Our benchmarks are ones that we have set.

I played some shows, but I'm disappointed it didn't do better.

I wish all my shows sold out, I wish I had sold more copies, I wish that a song was picked up to be in a TV show - whatever these little benchmarks are. You always want something more.

Public Enemy started out as a benchmark in rap music in the mid-1980s.

We felt there was a need to actually progress the music and say something because we were slightly older than the demographic of rap artists at the time. It was a time of heightened rightwing politics, so the climate dictated the direction of the group.

Many images of animals, mammals or birds, resurface regularly in my narratives.

They are not symbols, but chromatic benchmarks. For me, music has always been the perfect construction - an inaccessible ideal.

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