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We wouldn't ask why a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals, in turn, we would celebrate its tenacity, we would all love its will to reach the sun, well, we are the roses, this is the concrete and these are my damaged petals, don't ask me why, thank god, and ask me how.

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. — Agnes Martin

Some minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set. — Unknown

The city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo. — Desmond Morris

Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire. — Napoleon Hill

Money is human happiness in the abstract: he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes his heart entirely to money. — Arthur Schopenhauer

The ABC of our profession is to avoid these large abstract terms in order to try to discover behind them the only concrete realities, which are human beings. — Marc Bloch

Desire will in due time externalize itself as concrete fact. — Thomas Troward

Total loyalty is possible only when fidelity is emptied of all concrete content, from which changes of mind might naturally arise. — Hannah Arendt

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