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Best conservation quotes

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We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

American Indian Proverbs,

We won't have a society if we destroy the environment.

Margaret Mead, scientist

That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.

Marcus Aurelius, emperor

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and life is after all a chain.

William James, philosopher

If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.

Steve Irwin, scientist

I am I plus my surroundings and if I do not preserve the latter, I do not preserve myself.


Every cent we earn from Crocodile Hunter goes straight back into conservation. Every single cent.

Steve Irwin, scientist

It's a morbid observation, but if every one on earth just stopped breathing for an hour, the greenhouse effect would no longer be a problem.

Jerry Adler,

We have vastly increased the amount of funding that is available for conservation partnerships.

Gale Norton, public servant

I believe sustainable use is the greatest propaganda in wildlife conservation at the moment.

Steve Irwin, scientist

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, president

So, my tactic with conservation of apex predators is to get people excited and take them to where they live.

Steve Irwin, scientist

Obviously, the answer to oil spills is to paper-train the tankers.

Ralph Nader, lawyer

People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think that animals are worthwhile.

David Attenborough, journalist

I plead for conservation of human culture, which is much more fragile than nature herself. We needn't destroy other cultures with the force of our own.

Arthur Erickson, architect

Conservation is now a dead word.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas, journalist

I'm doing my part, building plants at a record rate, having historic conservation levels. The only people not doing their part is the federal government that is siding with the energy companies against the interests of the people of California.

Gray Davis, politician

I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything. For the chance to work on these conservation issues, to serve my country, to work for this president, I'd do it all over again, every single minute.

Bruce Babbitt, politician

This isn't just about today, this about generations to come. And you've got a chance to be the greatest conservation President since Theodore Roosevelt, and I think he's done it.

Bruce Babbitt, politician

They are a fairly aggressive conservation organization that was started to protect the great whales particularly, but in general all marine life around the world. So those are the people I'm trying to attach my name to.

Richard Dean Anderson, actor

Teapot Dome involved the conservation of the oil resources of the United States, especially those situated upon the public lands.

George William Norris, politician

If we can get kids talking about conservation and doing it, they can have a great influence on their parents by lecturing them and pointing the finger.

Kevin Richardson, musician

I came here to help make America more competitive and prosperous by developing an energy policy that increases conservation, promotes cleaner technologies, encourages development of renewables and enhances domestic production of gas and oil.

Greg Walden, politician

In addition, each barrel of oil we save through conservation further decreases our dangerous reliance on unstable Middle East oil.

Paul Gillmor, politician

Humanity has passed through a long history of one-sidedness and of a social condition that has always contained the potential of destruction, despite its creative achievements in technology. The great project of our time must be to open the other eye: to see all-sidedly and wholly, to heal and transcend the cleavage between humanity and nature that came with early wisdom.

Murray Bookchin,

World-wide practice of Conservation and the fair and continued access by all nations to the resources they need are the two indispensable foundations of continuous plenty and of permanent peace.

Gifford Pinchot, politician

The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.

Havelock Ellis, psychologist

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Aldo Leopold, environmentalist

Ecology is rather like sex -- every new generation likes to think they were the first to discover it.

Michael Allaby,

The current collapse of industrial society may well be the planet's way of avoiding a larger death.

Morris Bergman,

As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them.

Louis Bromfield,

The question of whether it's God's green earth is not at center stage, except in the sense that if so, one is reminded with some regularity that He may be dying.

Edward Hoagland, author

O if we but knew what we do when we delve or hew -- hack and rack the growing green! Since country is so tender to touch, her being so slender, that like this sleek and seeing ball but a prick will make no eye at all, where we, even where we mean to mend her we end her, when we hew or delve: after-comers cannot guess the beauty been.

Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet

We, the generation that faces the next century, can add the solemn injunction that if we don't do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable.

Petra Kelly, politician

It is our task in our time and in our generation to hand down undiminished to those who come after us, as was handed down to us by those who went before, the natural wealth and beauty which is ours.

John F. Kennedy, president

When God created the first human beings, God led them around the garden of Eden and said: Look at my works! See how beautiful they are -- how excellent! For your sake I created them all. See to it you do not spoil and destroy My world; for if you do, there will be no one else to repair it.

R. Kohelet,

The practice of conservation must spring from a conviction of what is ethically and aesthetically right, as well as what is economically expedient. A thing is right only when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the community, and the community includes the soil, waters, fauna, and flora, as well as people.

Aldo Leopold, environmentalist

The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land.

Aldo Leopold, environmentalist

The development of civilization and industry in general has always shown itself so active in the destruction of forests that everything that has been done for their conservation and production is completely insignificant in comparison.

Karl Marx, economist

Green politics at its worst amounts to a sort of Zen fascism; less extreme, it denounces growth and seeks to stop the world so that we can all get off.

Chris Patten, politician

If the federal government had been around when the Creator was putting His hand to this state, Indiana wouldn't be here. It'd still be waiting for an environmental impact statement.

Ronald Reagan, president

Guns have metamorphosed into cameras in this earnest comedy, the ecology safari, because nature has ceased to be what it always had been -- what people needed protection from. Now nature tamed, endangered, mortal -- needs to be protected from people.

Susan Sontag, author

And he gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.

Jonathan Swift, writer

It hurts the spirit, somehow, to read the word environments, when the plural means that there are so many alternatives there to be sorted through, as in a market, and voted on.

Lewis Thomas, scientist

How to be green? Many people have asked us this important question. It's really very simple and requires no expert knowledge or complex skills. Here's the answer. Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life.

Derek Wall,

We cannot cheat on DNA. We cannot get round photosynthesis. We cannot say I am not going to give a damn about phytoplankton. All these tiny mechanisms provide the preconditions of our planetary life. To say we do not care is to say in the most literal sense that we choose death.

Dame Barbara Ward,

Modern man's capacity for destruction is quixotic evidence of humanity's capacity for reconstruction. The powerful technological agents we have unleashed against the environment include many of the agents we require for its reconstruction.

George Will, journalist

We must have a relentless commitment to producing a meaningful, comprehensive energy package aimed at conservation, alleviating the burden of energy prices on consumers, decreasing our country's dependency on foreign oil, and increasing electricity grid reliability.

Paul Gillmor, politician

Unless we practice conservation, those who come after us will have to pay the price of misery, degradation, and failure for the progress and prosperity of our day.

Gifford Pinchot, politician

The university's business is the conservation of useless knowledge; and what the university itself apparently fails to see is that this enterprise is not only noble but indispensable as well, that society can not exist unless it goes on.

Albert J. Nock, philosopher

A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.

Adlai E. Stevenson, politician

Nature abhors a hero. For one thing, he violates the law of conservation of energy. For another, how can it be the survival of the fittest when the fittest keeps putting himself in situations where he is most likely to be creamed?

Solomon Short,

Now, the downside to conservation is that so much is done for the public, which almost always mars the environment that one wanted to conserve.

Arne Jacobsen, architect

Strict conservation of energy in the elementary process had thus been confirmed also by a negative experiment.

Walther Bothe, physicist

Mostly, I spend my time being a mother to my two children, working in my organic garden, raising masses of sweet peas, being passionately involved in conservation, recycling and solar energy.

Blythe Danner, actress

This is the way federal land management should work. Cooperation, not confrontation, should be the hallmark of conservation efforts.

Dirk Kempthorne, politician

A State without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.

Edmund Burke, statesman

Put on a sweater.

Jimmy Carter, president

True conservation provides for wise use by the general public. The American people do not want our resources preserved for the exclusive use of the wealthy. These land and water resources belong to the people, and people of all income levels should have easy access to them.

George D. Aiken, politician

The most important environmental issue is one that is rarely mentioned, and that is the lack of a conservation ethic in our culture.

Gaylord Nelson, politician

Last year, I co-sponsored the Highlands Conservation Act and in a bipartisan effort we passed the bill through Congress.

Sue Kelly, politician

We have increased conservation spending, enacted legislation that enables us to clean up and redevelop abandoned brownfields sites across the country, and implemented new clean water standards that will protect us from arsenic.

Sue Kelly, politician

Conservation of energy also protects our environment.

Lamar S. Smith, politician

Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.

Tom Allen, politician

What's near and dear to my heart is cooperative conservation.

Gale Norton, public servant

I think that our cooperative conservation approaches get people to sit down and grapple with problem solving.

Gale Norton, public servant

In addition to the clean coal provisions, the energy conference agreement contains provisions instrumental in helping increase conservation and lowering consumption.

Jerry Costello, politician

I sort of kept my hand in writing and went to work for the Sierra Club in '52, walked the plank there in '69, founded Friends of the Earth and the League of Conservation Voters after that.

David R. Brower, environmentalist

The Sierra Club is a very good and a very powerful force for conservation and, as a matter of fact, has grown faster since I left than it was growing while I was there! It must be doing something right.

David R. Brower, environmentalist

I'm a little different from all those conservation types.

Jim Fowler, scientist

In addition, the oil royalties the Federal Government does not collect from big oil will starve the Land and Water Conservation Fund of critical financial resources.

Ron Kind, politician

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