quote by Santiago Calatrava

I love the construction process and it is always important because we try to experiment and do something new, so the builders are not copying any technique from other projects. Everything is innovative and so I need to be there and be attentive to make sure everything is running smoothly.

— Santiago Calatrava

Fantastic Construction Projects quotations

Landscapes are culture before they are nature;

constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock. It is... difficult to think of a single natural system that has not, for better or worse, been substantially modified by human culture. The cultural habits of humanity have always made room for the sacredness of nature.

Construction projects quote Excuses don't construct monuments. Action does.
Excuses don't construct monuments. Action does.

We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects. We must reclaim the roads and plowed land, halt dam constructions, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of acres of previously settled land.

Construction projects quote I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.
I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.

At our company, our Design and Construction Consulting Service Team not only helps eliminate the risks inherent in the construction process, they typically save our clients 5% - 10% on overall construction costs. They also help make sure projects come in on time.

The external appearance of any construction projects that are created during the time of the National Socialist Reich must take on the sensibility of our time.

Sometimes it is claimed by those who argue that race is just a social construct that the human genome project shows that because people share roughly 99% of their genes in common, that there are no races. This is silly.

Construction projects quote Declarations of high confidence mainly tell you that an idividual has construced
Declarations of high confidence mainly tell you that an idividual has construced a coherent story in his mind, not necessarily that the story is true.

Jocelyn Bell joined the project as a graduate student in 1965, helping as a member of the construction team and then analysing the paper charts of the sky survey.

Instead of basic roads and bridges, infrastructure spending will go to bloated unions overseeing pie-in-the-sky construction projects like the $30 billion-plus high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which California officials fully expect to be funded.

To block the construction of centralized power projects, as not being 'appropriate' or 'sustainable' is to condemn billions of people to continued poverty and disease-and millions to premature death.

Construction projects quote The road to success is always under construction.
The road to success is always under construction.

Success is a project that's always under construction.

Right after I did 'The Fountain,' I wanted to go make a documentary or something that was less constructed - more natural. I was searching for a project, and sniffing around, 'The Wrestler' fit right in.

Remember that Abraham Lincoln was a Whig far longer than he was a Republican.

As a whole, the Whigs looked upon banks and corporations as a more efficient means of development; the Jacksonian Democrats thought they were the tools of the devil, but Whigs like Lincoln disagreed. During his presidency, Lincoln favored the re-construction of a national financial system, and his most important 'internal improvement' project was the Pacific railroad.

Construction projects quote THe best project you'll ever work on is YOU
THe best project you'll ever work on is YOU

I've delved into a lot of non-musical projects.

Learning new things and accomplishing things with my hands that I put aside as an adult to devote all my time to music. As I've gotten older, I've been concentrating on quality and no filler, and spending more time constructing all of the parts of music, rather than going into the studio with one or two parts and then letting the rest work itself out.

As prime minister, Canadians expect me to do two things: To stand up for Canadian interests and project Canadian values; and to have a good, constructive relationship with our largest trading partner and closest neighbor, the United States. Those two things are not incompatible. It requires a very deliberate strategy and approach, but I think we've done that.

Allow ourselves to do as Ram Dass said in his delicious phrase "Be Here Now.

" If you are here now you cannot fall into falsely constructed gender projections.

Construction projects quote I was constructed for you and you were molded for me
I was constructed for you and you were molded for me

I think it is important to be present in the places where you are working.

It is not only about doing a project, but following the project through its construction.

The construction of social housing and the attempt to support families seeking to buy their own homes are all projects from the 1960s and '70s. It all sounds old-fashioned, but it is actually completely modern.

A brand is an emotional construct. It helps you to project an image to the world which you'd like to own.

So there's no typical day, but I transition through the course of my business day by doing everything from construction meetings on the development project under construction to design meetings for an upcoming apparel delivery to acquisition meetings about projects we're looking to acquire. It's very diverse in terms of content, substance, and what I address on a typical day.

Having toddlers always means that there's a fair amount of chaos at home, but that's part of the fun. And from a work perspective, we have projects under construction all over the world, including many right here in the US.

I oppose the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

It's an ill-conceived project that would lock us into further dependence on some of the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet.

The social and physical construction of suburban America really was quite complex. It was a very elaborate system, and clearly a massive social engineering project that has changed U.S. society enormously.

Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion.

Selecting this development as my first major construction project has been a simple decision. It will underpin not only my values for environmentally friendly architecture, but also embrace my career in entertainment

The number of unfinished construction projects has increased significantly.

A lot of these are not covered with any security

The purpose of romantic relationships is to encourage you to grow spiritually.

Romantic relationships can do this because they are interactions in which you come to see those parts of yourself that are constructive, healthy and creative. You see them because you project them onto someone else.

I simply constructed a project to try to snap Kurt [Cobain] out of a frame of mind. I sent him a plane ticket and a driver, and he tacked the plane ticket to the wall in the bedroom and the driver sat outside the house for 10 hours. Kurt wouldn't come out and wouldn't answer the phone.

There is, apparently, some law of nature decreeing that all home construction must double in its projected cost and take four times longer than originally anticipated.

The Ancients, having taken into consideration the rigorous construction of the human body, elaborated all their works, as especially their holy temples, according to these proportions; for they found here the two principal figures without which no project is possible: the perfection of the circle, the principle of all regular bodies, and the equilateral square.

If there is no idea in the drawing, there is no idea in the constructed project.

That's the expression of the idea. Architects make drawings that other people build. I make the drawings. If someone wants to build from those, that's up to them. I feel I'm making architecture. I believe the building comes into being as soon as it's drawn.

Part of what we want to do with the Heroic Imagination Project is to get kids to think about what it means to be a hero. The most basic concept of a hero is socially constructed: It differs from culture to culture and changes over time. Think of Christopher Columbus. Until recently, he was a hero. Now he's a genocidal murderer! If he were alive today, he'd say, "What happened? I used to be a hero, and now people are throwing tomatoes at me!

The QSM Software Almanac is an invaluable resource.

It establishes a norm for software projects, including best of class, worst of class and averages. In addition, it profiles the state of the art of software construction and enhancement. I wish I'd had this wonderful reference book years ago.

Instead of putting Americans to work, the Teamsters have been busy yanking members off projects and idling construction projects from California to Indiana to New York in order to shake down employers.

Not only does investing in your infrastructure provide very good construction jobs, at the end of the project, you have something.

Not since the multiplication of the loaves and fishes near the Sea of Galilee has there been creativity as miraculous as that of the Keystone XL pipeline. It has not yet been built but already is perhaps the most constructive infrastructure project since the Interstate Highway System. It has accomplished an astonishing trifecta

The word constructionism is a mnemonic for two aspects of the theory of science education underlying this project. From constructivist theories of psychology we take a view of learning as a reconstruction rather than as a transmission of knowledge. Then we extend the idea of manipulative materials to the idea that learning is most effective when part of an activity the learner experiences as constructing a meaningful product.