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Usually I get recognized for The Blue Lagoon or Dallas.

— Christopher Atkins

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Our problems started in Dallas, when the fire-breathing sheep destroyed the King Tut exhibit.

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Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.


During the election, I had three male opponents and we went into a runoff.

The front runner for the men was a native of Dallas who had run at large before, but I had a higher profile than him from my community service.

I really wasn't on the Dallas set much. I did three or four episodes so I didn't see too much.

I had a traditional interview based on a phone call from an agent.

He says there's a show and they would like to see you and its called Dallas. With very little knowledge I go over to this meeting at Warner Brothers.

We'd go out in Larry's hippie van and drive out all around Dallas.

He loved Chinese food, he'd go in and say. Remember me Major Nelson, me and my friends here are making this show called Dallas, have you got a table for us? It would work every time.

But there is so much more to do for the city we love.

.. a Dallas with roads as strong as our businesses, parks as beautiful as our children, a downtown as tall as our imagination.

I sacrificed for the Dallas Cowboys when most quit. I put in overtime to try to help young players.

I'm not the type to pat myself on the back and all that, but somebody has to be lucky, right? When I got to Dallas, I was struggling - sleeping on the floor with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment. I used to drive around, look at the big houses, and imagine what it would be like to live there and use that as motivation.

The fans in Dallas were hard on me my first year, but after having a great year last year they are now supporting me. It feels great to have my hard work pay off, especially when the fans made it hard for me.

I'll miss everyone on Dallas so much, but I have a wonderful career ahead of me. I can feel it.

Where I grew up in Dallas, things might be a little more traditional.

People have the same things in mind. They're supposed to grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, and have children, grandchildren. That's the world I grew up in.

Dallas is a great city, and it's worth fighting for.

A sceptic finds Dallas absurd. A cynic thinks the public doesn't

Dallas Cowboys may be America's team, but the Houston Oilers are Texas' team.

Whether your destination is heaven or hell, you always have to change planes in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys are in big trouble.

Living in Dallas, I root for the Mavericks and the Stars and the Cowboys, but I've always pulled for the Chicago Cubs. I enjoy watching them play.

My home in Dallas is wonderful. I can walk everywhere. It's a pretty good hidden secret, Dallas. There are wonderful restaurants and a wonderful nightlife. It's just a beautiful city to be in.

If you've ever driven across Texas, you know how different one area of the state can be from another. Take El Paso. It looks as much like Dallas as I look like Jack Nicklaus

Every six months I fly to Dallas to get botox and I also get collagen injections.

I learned a lot I wouldn't have learned roaming the streets of Dallas.

In the year since we brought things into the open with a clean breath of fresh air at City Hall, we have learned about corrupt spending practices and unethical conflicts of interest that waste your money... and keep Dallas from being the great city of our dreams.

Dallas Mavericks want me as a bald-headed 5' 8" guard with a 95" vertical.

Vince Carter respect my legs, ask Shawn Kemp.

He reclined on a delightfully cushioned lounge in the sprawling ranch Paris had rented. In Dallas, Texas, of all places. Promiscuity had decked himself out, too, wearing a Stetson (weird), no shirt (understandable), unfastened jeans (smart) and cowboy boots (weird again). Dude looked ready to rustle cattle or something.

I want to experience Dallas. It's a new city where I see new business opportunities.

Don't forgive and never forget; Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves!


It's funny, but when there are dominant teams, there are a number of people who rail about the fact that they're always seeing the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers or the Green Bay either in the playoffs or in the Super Bowl.

The world is littered with the bodies of people that tried to stick it to ole J.R. Ewing!


I'm pretty sure I could outrun the whole Dallas Cowboys team.

Revenge is the single most satisfying feeling in the world!


Anything worth having is worth going for- all the way.


I looked at a fetal development chart at the Operation Rescue Office in Dallas.

I had a lot of emotions stirring up inside of me. That's when I decided that it was wrong in any stage of pregnancy.

I was in a hotel room in Dallas, and I was jerking off so much and so sadly and pathetically, that the phone rang, and I thought it's them, they're complaining. ... "Sir, could you please stop?"