Write to your elected officials at least once a month. Here's my promise to you: If you are consistent and do this, within three months the elected official will start calling you when [your] issue comes up and say, 'What do you think?'
— Omar Ahmad

You read constantly that banks are lobbying regulators and elected officials as if this is inappropriate. We don't look at it that way.
— Jamie Dimon

If something is being done on a secret basis in national security, that's a great reason for elected officials to not talk about it. And that's a great way to shirk accountability for it with the public.
— Rachel Maddow

You elected government officials to make decisions and it's about time they started making good ones.
— Bob Riley

While there continues to be differences, the important point is that all citizens and elected officials use democratic and legal avenues for solving those differences.
— Boris Trajkovski