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Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.

Americans... are forever searching for love in forms it never takes, in places it can never be. It must have something to do with the vanished frontier. — Kurt Vonnegut

The New Frontier I speak of is not a set of promises -- it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intent to ask of them. — John F. Kennedy

You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed and the doors are not all shut. — Maxwell Maltz

The frontier of America is on the Rhine. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Liberty has restraints but no frontiers. — David Lloyd George

The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers. — Arthur Koestler

Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. — Dorothea Brande

There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand. — Charles Franklin Kettering