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As the treaty made with the United States was the first treaty entered into by your country with other countries, therefore the President regards Japan with peculiar friendliness. — Townsend Harris

I've been studying the cultures of Asia for many years, and I'm very attracted to the culture of Japan, in particular to the impact Zen has had on the Japanese mind and spirit. — John McLaughlin

I wasn't your average kid. I was signing autographs in Japan at 12. — Shaun White

Snowboarding's tough, because you've got to go to the mountains. For me, I love the skateboard season because I get to hangout at home and still be skating. I don't have to travel to Norway or Japan or these crazy places to be snowboarding. — Shaun White

The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan. — Henry A. Wallace

My clothes are very popular in Japan. — Vivienne Westwood

Satellite communications connect television screens in Japan with television cameras in England, and the distance of half a world loses its meaning. — Robert Kennedy

At the punch-bowl's brink, let the thirsty think, what they say in Japan: first the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man! — Edward Rowland Sill

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