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If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. — Peace Pilgrim

Thoughts and words you speak have negative of positive consequences that affect your results. — Gary Brecka

There is no room in your mind for negative thoughts. — Jack Nicklaus

Positive minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith and hope. Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt. — Joyce Meyer

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

A positive thinker does not refuse to recognize the negative; he refuses to dwell on it. Positive thinking is a form of thought which habitually looks for the best results from the worst conditions — Norman Vincent Peale

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. — Mahatma Gandhi

The ancestor of every destructive action, every destructive decision, is a negative thought. — Eknath Easwaran

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. — Willie Nelson

If you fill your head with positive thoughts, there won't be any room left for negative ones. — Orrin Woodward

Short Negative Thoughts Quotes

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  • You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought. — Emmet Fox
  • All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought — Sydney Banks
  • When you close the door of your mind to negative thoughts, the door of opportunity opens to you. — Napoleon Hill
  • When we fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter — Joyce Meyer
  • Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, cause your mind to dwell on peace and joy. — Ernest Holmes
  • When you have a mindset of gratitude, it's impossible to have any negative thoughts. — Dan Sullivan
  • Don’t let negativity drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. — Steven Bartlett
  • As long as you think the problem is out there, that very thought is the problem — Stephen Covey
  • Negative thoughts are not protecting you. They are making you smaller. — Robert Kiyosaki
  • Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts — Gautama Buddha
Negative thoughts quote The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about
The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.

Positive And Negative Thoughts Quotes

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It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. — Robert H. Schuller

You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought. — Charles F. Haanel

Transform your world by transforming your internal state. Start by learning to let go of negative self judgment, and replace it with positive and loving thoughts about yourself. Be kind to yourself, and watch your external world change. — Anita Moorjani

Negative thoughts quote The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become
The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

I strongly believe that the more positive my vibration is, the clearer my message will be. I keep my negative thoughts from infiltrating my pathway and my dreams. Other people's thoughts are none of my business. — Erykah Badu

Under the obsessive thoughts and plans, under the emotions, positive and negative, there is an ocean of peace. — Gangaji

The best way to deal with negativity is to observe it, without reaction and without judgment. Then consciously label each negative feeling and replace it with positive, compassionate, and solution-based thoughts. — Chris Voss

Negative thoughts quote It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without acc
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

You should tell yourself frequently 'I will only react to constructive suggestions.' This gives you positive ammunition against your own negative thoughts and those of others. — Jane Roberts

Are you a hoarder of more negative thoughts or positive ones? Whichever ones you hoard, grow into trees and then forests. — John Assaraf

Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily. — Tia Walker

The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones. — William Walker Atkinson

Negative Thinking Quotes

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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. — Zig Ziglar

Haters never win. I just think that's true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end. — Tom Hiddleston

Vexation of spirit is a waste of time Negative thinking, don't you waste your thoughts Verbal conflict is a waste of word Physical conflict is a waste of flesh People will always be who they want And that's what really makes the world go round Unconditional love is scarce. — Damian Marley

Negative thoughts quote If you have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell because that is
If you have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell because that is exactly where it came from.

The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. — Colin Powell

Negative thoughts quote

Faith is reacting positively to a negative situation. — Robert H. Schuller

I think we typically, as Northerners, stereotype what the South is in so many negative ways. We kind of forget all the beautiful things that they contribute to make this country a country. — Genevieve Gorder

Negative thoughts quote Distance yourself from negativity or it will deplete your well of optimism.
Distance yourself from negativity or it will deplete your well of optimism.

Nothing is interesting if you're not interested. — Helen Clark MacInnes

Whenever you fall, pick something up. — Oswald Avery

I think on YouTube, it's different, and people just haven't realized it: positivity is just as clickbait as negativity. — MrBeast

I do not live for people, for what they think, for them to say that I’m nice, good, the best, perfect. Everyone has their opinion. And I respect that. — Paul Pogba

Negative Mind Quotes

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A positive mind finds a way it can be done; a negative mind looks for all the ways it can't be done. — Napoleon Hill

Negative thoughts quote

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. — Joyce Meyer

Make the decision and say, "I'm not letting that worry in. I'm done being upset when my plans don't work out. I'm not letting that stress in." Negative thoughts will still come to your mind, but you don't have to let them into your spirit. — Joel Osteen

Negative thoughts quote How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go
How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go in your head.

Fear is a negative thought in your mind. Supplant it with a constructive thought. Fear has killed millions. Confidence is greater than fear. Nothing is more powerful than faith in God and the good. — Joseph Murphy

The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish. — Joseph Murphy

Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. — Napoleon Hill

Negative thoughts quote Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.
Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals. — Michael Bassey

If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. You are this peace! — H. W. L. Poonja

Comfort eating on negativity will make you unhealthy and mental weight is the hardest to lose. For a healthy mind, burn off grudges, regrets about your past, irrational worries about the future, ingratitude and limiting beliefs that are holding your potential hostage. — Steven Bartlett

We have to cultivate contentment with what we have. We really don't need much. When you know this, the mind settles down. Cultivate generosity. Delight in giving. Learn to live lightly. In this way, we can begin to transform what is negative into what is positive. This is how we start to grow up. — Tenzin Palmo

Positive Thoughts Quotes

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It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our thought make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our own minds. Learn to see things in the proper light. — Swami Vivekananda

If you think down, you will go down. If you think up, you will go up. You’ll always travel in the direction of your thinking. — T. D. Jakes

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. — Gautama Buddha

Negative thoughts quote One small positive thought in the morning can change you whole day.
One small positive thought in the morning can change you whole day.

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. — Dalai Lama

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. — John Lennon

Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds. — Gautama Buddha

Negative thoughts quote

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. — Marcus Aurelius

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. — Roald Dahl

You must not under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, kind. — Emmet Fox

Negative thoughts quote

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. — Joubert Botha

Bad Thoughts Quotes

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Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

My dear heart, never think you are better than others. Listen to their sorrows with compassion. If you want peace, don't harbor bad thoughts, do not gossip and don't teach what you do not know. — Rumi

I like ruins because what remains is not the total design, but the clarity of thought, the naked structure, the spirit of the thing. — Tadao Ando

Negative thoughts quote A negative mind will never give you a positive life
A negative mind will never give you a positive life

However good or bad you feel about your relationship, the person you are with at this moment is the "right" person, because he or she is the mirror of who you are inside. — Deepak Chopra

Occupy your mind with good thoughts, or the enemy will fill them with bad ones. — Thomas More

I got treated very badly in Texas. They don't treat beatniks too good in Texas. Port Arthur people thought I was a beatnik, though they'd never seen one and neither had I. — Janis Joplin

Negative thoughts quote Be happy. It really annoys negative people.
Be happy. It really annoys negative people.

If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation. — Rush Limbaugh

That's the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen. — Charles Bukowski

The only way you will ever awaken is through silence, not through analyzation of facts. Not by sorting out good and bad, but through simple silence, letting go. Letting go of all thoughts, all the hurts, all the dogmas and concepts. Letting go of these things daily. — Robert Adams

When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everthing in me that is bewildered and confused. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Negative Feelings Quotes

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Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain... To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. — Kevyn Aucoin

Letting go doesn’t mean wiping away negative thoughts, feelings, and ideas completely. The truth is that these thoughts will always arise—it is what we do with them that makes the difference. — Jay Shetty

I heard a wise saying once that has helped me: "Negative feelings are like stray cats. The more you feed them, the more they hang around. — Joyce Rupp

Negative thoughts quote Every time you subtract negative from your life, you make room for more positive
Every time you subtract negative from your life, you make room for more positive.

I don’t care about what nobody say or how nobody feel. I’m happy, I’m living my life, and that’s what it is. — 21 Savage

I feel ups and downs are a part of one's career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it. — Deepika Padukone

Whenever I feel bad, I use that feeling to motivate me to work harder. I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself. When I'm not feeling my best I ask myself, 'What are you gonna do about it?' I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me. — Beyonce Knowles

Walk away from anything that gives you a bad feeling. You don’t need to explain it to make sense of it. It’s your life. Do what makes you happy. — Russell Brunson

You can either give in to negative feelings or fight them, and I'm of the belief that you should fight them. — Ruth Westheimer

Negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, it’s because you’re supposed to do something. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are rewards for taking the proper action. — Mark Manson

But a true and accurate measurement of one’s self-worth is how people feel about the negative aspects of themselves. — Mark Manson

Negative Beliefs Quotes

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What people have to realize is that if one has a firm belief in God and the spirit then one does not make statements that are negative and untrue. — Prince

Always try to give back that sense of belief and positivity. — Martyn Ford

Our identity is 100% malleable. We believe certain things about ourselves-usually negative stuff. And we let those beliefs become our identity, because we wrongly believe them to be facts. But the only fact that’s permanent is that we’re capable of change and growth. — Tom Bilyeu

I go through the same problems all young people go through. Being in this business, I accept that there are positives and negatives but having a strong family base and a belief in God enables me to weather the storms. — Aaliyah

Affirm: I now willingly release all negative beliefs about myself, my life and all other people. I now forgive myself for thinking I ever did anything wrong. I am now filled with the love and the Power that I am. For this I am so grateful! And so it is! — Iyanla Vanzant

Nothing will infect you with a negative view of the world faster than hanging around people with harmful belief systems. — Randy Gage

I am willing to release old negative beliefs. They are only thoughts that stand in my way. My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling. — Louise Hay

Power is at the root of the human experience. Our attitudes and beliefs--positive or negative--are all extensions of how we define and use power. — Caroline Myss

Don't let your negative self beliefs haunt you out of taking action. You owe it to yourself to live the life that you desire. — Joel Brown

Complications take many forms, including an imbalanced lifestyle, toxic relationships, hidden emotional debts, resistance, indecision, addictions, and negative conditioned beliefs. When our life is overly complicated, we're weighed down by superfluous things at every level. — Deepak Chopra

Negative Emotions Quotes

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Hatred, revenge, bitterness - these are negative emotions. The person harbouring those emotions suffers more. — Ahmed Kathrada

Music is something that takes you to a world which is very different from the world of hatred,jealousy, and all those negative emotions — A. R. Rahman

Positive emotions cultivate habits. Negative emotions destroy them. — James Clear

A beautiful country is a dream-like illusion. It is senseless to cling to it. Unless the inner forces of negative emotions are conquered, strife with outer enemies will never end. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Left-nostril breathing shifts blood flow to the opposite side of the prefrontal cortex, the right area that plays a role in creative thought, emotions, formation of mental abstractions, and negative emotions. — James Nestor

Insufficient sleep does not, therefore, push the brain into a negative mood state and hold it there. Rather, the under-slept brain swings excessively to both extremes of emotional valence, positive and negative. — Matthew Walker

Social media is designed to make you wish you were someone else, somewhere else, and with someone else. Curate your consumption and eliminate what brings negative emotions. — Sahil Bloom

I’m kind of polarizing. People either like me or they hate me. There’s not a lot of people in between. — Charles Hoskinson

I know there’s a lot of emotion going into a fight, but everything in a fight – none of it comes out of an evil heart. — Holly Holm

If I play a bad game, I know I played a bad game. If I play a good game, I know I played a good game. So I don’t need anyone to tell me if I did good or bad – because I know it. — Paul Pogba

Dark Thoughts Quotes

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I was in darkness, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise. The first step was a good thought, the second, a good word; and the third, a good deed. — Friedrich Nietzsche

When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. — Arthur Conan Doyle

The first time I ever saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes and the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave to the dark and empty sky, my love. — Ewan MacColl

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. — Carl Jung

A dark horse, which had never been thought of, rushed past the grandstand in sweeping triumph. — Benjamin Disraeli

Why blame the dark for being dark? It is far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bright as it could be. — Rob Bell

Disease-carrying thoughts swarm and multiply in the dark and twisted labyrinths of our minds, and all that is needed is a mob and a good political slogan for the epidemic to be spread once again, with a burst of automatic weapons or a mushroom cloud. — Romain Gary

The scariest, most terrifying thing that I fear? Yes. My Imagination. I thought you were going to say "Fear, itself." Then you have a small imagination. — Stephen King

Before my birth there was infinite time, and after my death, inexhaustible time. I never thought of it before: I'd been living luminously between two eternities of darkness. — Orhan Pamuk

I thought physics could be done to the glory of God, till I saw there wasn’t any God at all and that physics was more interesting anyway. The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake, that’s all. — Philip Pullman

Thinking Positive Thoughts Quotes

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Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there - buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day — Deepak Chopra

What we experience is our own concept of things. That is why no two people see quite the same world, and why, in many cases, different people see such different worlds. To put it another way, we make our own world by the way in which we think; for we really do live in a world of our own thoughts. — Emmet Fox

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become. — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maybe some people just aren't meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It's like some people just come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that's why they're here. You'll have that gift forever. — Danielle Steel

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. — Roald Dahl

Negative thoughts quote

Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life. — Bryant H. McGill

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. — Gautama Buddha

It has never mattered to me that thirty million people might think I'm wrong. The number of people who thought Hitler was right did not make him right... Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are? — Frank Zappa

I was going to buy a copy of "The Power of Positive Thinking", and then I thought: What good would that do? — Ronnie Shakes

You are free to think thoughts of worry or joy, and whatever you choose will attract the same kind back to you. Worry attracts worry. Joy attracts joy. — Rhonda Byrne

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More Negative Thoughts Quotes

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The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results. — Michael Leboeuf

People try so hard to let go of their negative behaviors and thoughts, and it doesn't work, or it works only for a short time. I didn't let go of my negative thoughts; I questioned them, and then they let go of me, and so did my addictions and depression. — Byron Katie

Grant me the grace to dissolve my negative thoughts about myself today. I breathe the grace of kindness into my heart. And may the grace of healing flow abundantly to every one in need of help. — Caroline Myss

The world is waiting for you to wake up to the person you are called to be. Stop listening to the negative inner conversation that's causing you to play small. Focus your mind on positive thoughts, possibilities and solutions that can move you forward. Tap into your creativity and determination and stay busy. Stay focused. — Les Brown

There have been times when I felt suicidal and I would stop my head from going in that direction of negativity because I thought there'd be something I'd miss that was funny in the future. If there's a chance I'm going to laugh tomorrow then want to live to experience that. — Dave Navarro

To me happiness is not about positive thoughts. It’s not about negative thoughts. It’s about the absence of desire, especially the absence of desire for external things. — Naval Ravikant

Never waste energy on worries or negative thoughts, all problems are brought into existence -drop them. — Bruce Lee

Worry and reasoning are two of Satan's most successful tools. He'll get us started with one negative thought and then sit back and watch us finish ourselves off. — Joyce Meyer

The study of the wisdom teachings should be a continuous process in which the teachings become the predominant factor of life rather than the useless and oftentimes negative and illusory thoughts of those who are ignorant of spiritual truths. — Egyptian Proverbs

The joy of a psychedelic is when you have the balls to go into the darkness, and all of a sudden you realize that the darkness was a complete illusion. All the darkness and negativity and spooky shit and guilt and fear and crap you thought was inside you, and all the bad things you thought you’ve done, and all the things you feel terrible about secretly… you realize that’s nothing. it’s an illusion. The universe loves you, you are completely embraced by the entire universe. You are an incremental part of the functioning of the cosmos. You are an incredible, wonderful, perfect f*cking thing. And when you get a glimpse of that, it’s the greatest feeling ever. Because you’re healed. Because that’s what true healing is, man. True healing is realizing you were never sick in the first place. True healing is realizing you just had a little bit of dust on the windshield man…you brush it off you know that’s all, man. — Duncan Trussell

My idea of forgiveness is letting go of resentment that does not serve your better interest, ridding yourself of negative thoughts. All they do is make you miserable. Believe me, you can fret and fume all you want, but whoever it was that wronged you is not suffering from your anguish whatsoever. — Della Reese

If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive. — Betty Eadie

I don't like the negative of reality tv - the 'you're no good, so you have to leave, I choose you, but I thought you really loved me.' It's all about how bad people are and I just hate that. I like Pimp my Ride where someone is helping somebody. — Bob Saget

Thoughts of doubt and fear are pathways to failure. When you conquer negative attitudes of doubt and fear you conquer failure. — Bryan Adams

We always have the potential to rise. Rise out of our slump. Rise out of our negative thoughts. Rise out of our comfort zone. Rise out of our complaints. GET UP AND RISE. Rising is a choice that's one powerful thought away. — Kris Carr

Never do anything that taints your mind. Wrong actions cause negative or evil mental vibrations that are reflected in your whole appearance and personality. Engage in those actions and thoughts that nurture the good qualities you want to have. — Paramahansa Yogananda

No negative thoughts cross my mind on race day. When I look into their eyes, I know I'm going to beat them. — Danny Harris

My life, like most people's, has been negatively affected by cancer, and the thought of my young children living in an age where this is no longer humanity's No. 1 health fear was simply overpowering. — Shane Smith

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