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Top 10 No Pressure Quotes (BEST)

  1. There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true. — Neymar
  2. The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success. — Eric Thomas
  3. No one leads people to Jesus; He leads people to Himself. All the pressure's off; just go love everybody without agenda. — Bob Goff
  4. No matter who you are, we're creatures of habit. The better your habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations. — Wayne Gretzky
  5. Derbies are always difficult to play because you have to handle the pressure. There's no advantage or disadvantage for either side. — Jurgen Klopp
  6. It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure. — Albert Einstein
  7. Thank you Mama for the nine months you carried me through/…No one knows the pressure you bear a just only you. — Sizzla
  8. There was no pressure or blackmail from the U.S. I had no idea the military aid was held up. — Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  9. I loved being the best player in the world. There was no pressure staying there. — Stephen Hendry
  10. If you’re not in Gryffindor, we’ll disinherit you,” said Ron, “but no pressure. — J. K. Rowling

Short No Pressure Quotes

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  • No pressure, no diamonds. — Mary Case
  • There's one advantage to being 102. There's no peer pressure. — Dennis Wolfberg
  • No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen. — Bob Ross
  • Retirement means no pressure, no stress, no heartache... unless you play golf. — Gene Perret
  • There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure. — Alfred Adler
  • Use absolutely no pressure. Just like an angel's wing. — Bob Ross
  • Hermits have no peer pressure. — Steven Wright
  • Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help. — G. W. F. Hegel
  • I have no nerves, no emotion, no pressure. — Eileen Collins
  • There is no pressure at the top. The pressure is being second or third. — Jose Mourinho
No pressure quote God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamon
God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He's working on you too.

No More Pressure Quotes

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There's no point bleating about the future of pandas, polar bears and tigers when we're not addressing the one single factor putting more pressure on the eco system than any other - namely the ever-increasing population. — Chris Packham

No matter how tough, no matter what kind of outside pressure, no matter how many bad breaks along the way, I must keep my sights on the final goal, to win, win, win-and with more love and passion than the world has ever witnessed in any performance. — Billie Jean King

As a soccer player, I wanted an FA Cup winner's medal. As an actor you want an Oscar. As a chef it's three-Michelin's stars, there's no greater than that. So pushing yourself to the extreme creates a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement, and more importantly, it shows on the plate. — Gordon Ramsay

No pressure quote Courage is grace under pressure.
Courage is grace under pressure.

No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you’d be more productive. — Joyce Brothers

I understand when there's no money for the arts in the government, but it should maybe pressure private companies to support more filmmakers. These exhibition and distribution companies are huge, and there might be incentives for them to invest more in Mexican cinema. — Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

There should be no more shame in acknowledging (mental illness) than in acknowledging a battle with high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a malignant tumor. — Jeffrey R. Holland

A true professional feels no pressure to run up a client's bill, knowing that any reduction in revenues caused by being efficient will be more than recompensed by the reputation earned for being honest and trustworthy. — David Maister

Hollywood screenwriters tend to have the longevity of NFL running backs. So the truth is no one can put more pressure on us than we put on ourselves. — David Benioff

The assurance that we have no means of answering [final] questions is no valid excuse for callousness towards them. The more deeply should we feel, down to the roots of our being, their pressure and their sting. Whose hunger has ever been [sated] with the knowledge that he could not eat? — Jose Ortega y Gasset

There was no press involvement, there was no pressure. Life was very pure and it became more complicated. — J. K. Rowling

Can't Handle The Pressure Quotes

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When I started my last business, I didn't receive a paycheck for 13 months. The average person can't handle that pressure. — Robert Kiyosaki

Neither limits nor adversity are what ruin men. Under pressure, they handle themselves pretty well. It’s the lack of limits they can’t handle. That’s when they run amok. So, if you really want to see what a man is made of let him think he can get away with something. — Bill Bonner

I don't think I changed a lot although I learned a lot. Adversity can be a wonderful teacher. Some people can't handle the pressure of it. For me it was a great thing. I learned about myself going through tough times. I guess I learned well. — Donald Trump

There was so much pressure by myself and everyone else and I can't handle this by myself. It's not good for me so I made the decision never go to a ski coach for mental help. I said last season I will try a mental coach and see how it works. — Michaela Dorfmeister

Too Much Pressure Quotes

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I'm not playing for other people; if I start thinking in those terms I would put too much pressure on myself. I play basketball because that is what I love to do. — Jeremy Lin

I don't feel too much pressure. I only see an opportunity. — Jurgen Klopp

I'm lucky because I don't feel too much pressure - it's only in the last hour before the race, and even then it's good, positive pressure. — Valentino Rossi

I went to the final of the Champions League, and I scored 32 goals. This pressure does not weigh too much. I’m on the field to have fun and give pleasure to the fans. — Antoine Griezmann

Trout aren't naturally as selective as they've become in crowded tailwaters - they've been trained to be like that by too much fishing pressure. I've seen tailwater fish that are so hysterical they'll refuse naturals. You wonder how they get enough to eat. — John Gierach

I need to be in a stable environment right now in my career. What I mean by that is a place where I can play and not have too much pressure on me and a place I can develop. Monaco wanted me and did whatever they could to get me so I feel very very good about that. — Freddy Adu

The pressure on me is nothing compared to Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja, like Ram Gopal Verma, must always fail. The crowd always expects him to fail and it is too much pressure on him. And, he rarely disappoints them. — Jacques Kallis

Don't put too much pressure on Jack Wilshere... in years to come I think he will be an Arsenal great like Liam Brady — Paul Merson

Pause and remember - Slow and steady will get you where you want to go. If you put too much pressure on yourself for results too quickly, you will quickly give up. — Jennifer Young

Some actors like encouragement. Some actors prefer to have pressure. And sometimes, for some actors, its better to give your comment by silence, because they are so skillful, so gifted, that they understand without talking too much. — Wong Kar-wai

No Stress Quotes

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Make jokes. No stress. Love. Live Life. Proceed. Progress. — Lil Wayne

If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good. — Shantideva

Rolex, mo sex, good weed, no stress, run my town, arms, chest, lift weights, bowflex — Wiz Khalifa

Is stress always bad? No - if a stressor isn't too extreme, is only transient, and occurs in what overall feels like a benevolent environment, it's great, we love it - that's what play and stimulation are. — Robert M. Sapolsky

It is true that some people have some misgivings about China-U.K. cooperation. What I want to stress is that in today's world, no country can afford to pursue development with its door closed. One should open the door, warmly welcome friends, and be hospitable to them. — Xi Jinping

No matter how much you stress or obsess about the past or future, you can’t change either one. In the present is where your power lies. — Mandy Hale

Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. — Natalie Goldberg

No-one gets an iron-clad guarantee of success. Certainly, factors like opportunity, luck and timing are important. But the backbone of success is usually found in old-fashioned, basic concepts like hard work, determination, good planning and perseverance. — Mia Hamm

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There is no stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts. — Wayne Dyer

If a warrior is to succeed at anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession. — Carlos Castaneda

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Whatever pressure I feel all comes from me, from within. I always was that person who was hard on myself and challenged myself no matter what I was doing, whether it was passing third grade or playing basketball. — Kendrick Lamar

American men are allotted just as many tears as American women. But because we are forbidden to shed them, we die long before women do, with our hearts exploding or our blood pressure rising or our livers eaten away by alcohol because that lake of grief inside us has no outlet. We, men, die because our faces were not watered enough. — Pat Conroy

Rest is a decision we make. Rest is choosing to do nothing when we have too much to do, slowing down when we feel pressure to go faster, stopping instead of starting. Rest is listening to our weariness and responding to our tiredness, not to what is making us tired. Rest is what happens when we say one simple word: “No! — Mike Yaconelli

The one who doesn't fall doesn't stand up. It happens that I was made kind of an idol. Everybody loses. That happens. I'm a normal human being, as are all of us. If it is God's will, the next fight I'll win... No pressure at all. There is some relief because tomorrow I will go back home. — Fedor Emelianenko

In 1949, Washington led the formation of NATO and with it effectively assumed command of the Western world’s surviving military might. The civilian head may well be a Belgian one year, a Brit the next, but the military commander is always an American, and by far the greatest firepower within NATO is American. No matter what the treaty says, NATO’s Supreme Commander ultimately answers to Washington. The UK and France would learn this at their expense during the Suez Crisis of 1956 — when they were compelled by American pressure to cease their occupation of the canal zone, losing most of their influence in the Middle East as a result — that a NATO country does not hold a strategic naval policy without first asking Washington. — Tim Marshall

For me white privilege has turned out to be an elusive and fugitive subject. The pressure to avoid it is great, for in facing it I must give up the myth of meritocracy. If these things are true, this is not such a free country; one's life is not what one makes it; many doors open for certain people through no virtues of their own. — Peggy McIntosh

All we can do now is try to prevent secondary damage by relieving pressure on the brain caused by the initial injury. There is no reparative treatment for traumatic brain injury. — Charlie Cox

The people in the popular group say there is no peer pressure because they are at the top of the food chain. Really what they are doing is just eating away at everybody else. — Lauren Greenfield

There simply is nothing else like it. And, as a test of physical and mental endurance it has no equal. Other sports may be as intense, as pressurized, as hard for short periods: But the Tour does on day after day after day. It's the only race in the world where you have to get a haircut halfway through. — Chris Boardman

No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don’t fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best. — Benjamin Carson

The successful teacher is no longer on a height, pumping knowledge at high pressure into passive receptacles. — William Osler

So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times, I once contemplated suicide and woulda tried, but when I held that nine, all I could see was my mama's eyes, no one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble, not knowing it's hard to carry on when no one loves you. — Tupac Shakur

It's very simple ; once the Western countries stop supporting those terrorists and making pressure on their puppet countries and client states like Saudi Arabia and Turkey and others, you'll have no problem in Syria. It will be solved easily. — Bashar al-Assad

In 'Tarahumara' land, there was no crime, war or theft. There was no corruption, obesity, drug addiction, greed, wife-beating, child abuse, heart disease, high blood pressure, or carbon emissions. They didn't get diabetes, or depressed, or even old: 50-year-olds outran teenagers. — Christopher McDougall

There was no Twitter when I was in high school, so I can't even imagine the pressures or the expectations of pursuing likes or living life in that kind of mentality. — Tyler Oakley

I think people are born bisexual and the make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society. I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I'm also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who is bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never sleep with a girl who had slept with a man. — Megan Fox

Racism is like high blood pressure—the person who has it doesn’t know he has it until he drops over with a God damned stroke. There are no symptoms of racism. The victim of racism is in a much better position to tell you whether or not you’re a racist than you are. — Coleman Young

So if God should place me in serious perplexity, must He not give me much guidance; in places of great difficulty, much grace; in circumstances of great pressure and trial, much strength? No fear that HIs resources will prove unequal to the emergency! And His resources are mine, for He is mine, and is with me and dwells in me. — Hudson Taylor

No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure. — Ernest Hemingway

Some people prefer the passenger role, because it imposes no real pressure to decide or stand accountable for their life results. — Phil McGraw

Listen, I'm not cool. Being cool is about keeping your blood pressure steady. So no. Don't be cool. Be passionate. Be dedicated. Be tenacious. Be uncompromising. Be pissed. Be happy. Be sad. — Justin Timberlake

The pressure on kids is high to get good grades. In my time, no one cared about it. My father looked at them but he didn't really make much fuss about them. — Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

There was no publicity. You had to like it. There was no pressure, just great competition. The attitude of the coaches and players was exceptional. — Jim Brown

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