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The Physician quotes - The Physician is a novel by Noah Gordon. It is about the life of a Christian English boy in the 11th century who journeys across Europe in order to study

Attending physician quotes - States and Canada, an attending physician (also known as an attending, rendering doc, or staff physician) is a physician (M.D. or D.O.) who has completed

Chief physician quotes - A chief physician, also called a head physician, physician in chief, senior consultant, or chief of medicine, is a physician in a senior management position

Physician assistant quotes - A physician assistant in the United States and Canada, or physician associate in the United Kingdom (PA) is a generalist advanced practice provider which

Emergency physician quotes - An emergency physician is a physician who works at an emergency department to care for ill patients. The emergency physician is a specialist in advanced

Physician burnout quotes - Physician burnout has been classified as a psychological syndrome that can be expressed as a prolonged response to due chronic occupational stressors

Assisted suicide quotes - person. The term usually refers to physician-assisted suicide (PAS), which is suicide that is assisted by a physician or other healthcare provider. Once

Physician to the President quotes - The Physician to the President (also known colloquially as the White House doctor) is the formal and official title of the physician who is director of

Specialty (medicine) quotes - or primary care (family medicine). After completing medical school, physicians or surgeons usually further their medical education in a specific specialty