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The meaning of life is that it is to be lived, and it is not to be traded and conceptualized and squeezed into a pattern of systems.

When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system. — Kalpana Chawla

Man must at all costs overcome the Earth's gravity and have, in reserve, the space at least of the Solar System. — Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Our civilization has decided that determining the guilt or innocence of men is a thing too important to be trusted to trained men. When it wants a library catalogued, or the solar system discovered, or any trifle of that kind, it uses up its specialists. But when it wishes anything done which is really serious, it collects twelve of the ordinary men standing round. The same thing was done, if I remember right, by the Founder of Christianity. — G. K. Chesterton

With every passing hour, our solar system comes forty-three thousand miles closer to globular cluster M13 in the constellation Hercules, and still there are some misfits who continue to insist that there is no such thing as progress. — Ransom K. Ferm

I'm very passionately interested in the human future, on the Moon and Mars particularly, and elsewhere in the solar system. I think it's time that we transitioned to a solar system-going civilization and species. — Penelope Boston

I've been thinking a lot about space. It was one of those slow-motion realisations how little we are, how far we are from everything else in our solar system. This idea of distance started kind of haunting me. How do you go forth and accomplish things but not end up leaving everything you started out with in the dust? — Regina Spektor

It's time for the human race to enter the solar system. — Dan Quayle

The Moon and Mars were the two most likely candidates for life in the solar system; what exists beyond our solar system is mere guesswork. — Walter Lang