When I first encountered the name of the city of Stockholm, I little thought that I would ever visit it, never mind end up being welcomed to it as a guest of the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Foundation.

— Seamus Heaney

Contentment Swedish quotations

Fear less, hope more. Eat less, chew more. Talk less, say more. Hate less, love more.

I have shown that Swedish top students know statistically significantly less about the world than the chimpanzees.

His Majesty the King requires that the Royal Chancellery in all written documents endeavor to write in clear, plain Swedish.


I have Algerian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish blood: I feel like a citizen of the world. Life and cinema don't have borders.

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.

I'm a big fan of TIËSTO, and SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA are awesome. I absolutely want to work with them.

May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect.

I think the Swedish Academy wished to manifest its solidarity with the living spirit of Greece today.

Scandinavian crime fiction has become a great success all across the world and rightfully so. Sjowall and Wahloo ushered in a whole generation of Swedish crime writers, many of whom are now available in English.

It's amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency." —George W. Bush, June 14, 2001, speaking to Swedish Prime Minister Goran Perrson, unaware that a live television camera was still rolling.

I am glad to have this opportunity of expressing my high appreciation of the honour extended to me many years ago by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science by enrolling me amongst its members.

Ksubi' - the Australian jean brand, they're one of my favourite brands of just clothes and stuff, and the Swedish brand 'Acne', but other than that, not at this point in time designing. I wouldn't mind collab'n with those guys though.

If he'd been English or Swedish, he'd have walked the England job.

A Swedish physicist can not discuss his work with fifty people unless he goes abroad. A Swedish economist can get opinions and instructions in his native language from thousands upon thousands of his fellow citizens.

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. ~Swedish Proverb Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.

Leave the eggs to bathe for 15 minutes in the hot water like a sexy Swedish chick in a natural mineral sauna.

My dad was in the Swedish armed forces, he was always reading up on different weapons from the Americans and Soviets. When I was a kid, I was in bed looking at his books, reading about the Red Army. So I was very aware of it. I had an interest in military matters ever since.

I think Koenigsegg is Swedish for: Oh no, my head has just exploded!

Swedish meatballs are to die for.

If you are in Holland, be careful not to say tomorrow that you don't like French, German or Swedish food or people, you could be called a racist.

I thought of my mother as Queen Christina, cool and sad, eyes trained on some distant horizon. That was where she belonged, in furs and palaces of rare treasures, fireplaces large enough to roast a reindeer, ships of Swedish maple.

I liked Pat Cash, and I loved Mats Wilander.

I went to the Australian Open with my parents, and I used to watch Wilander being cheered on by the Swedish fans, and with his game style being like mine, I drew comparisons with him.

But, as old Swedish legends say, Of all the birds upon that day, The swallow felt the deepest grief, And longed to give her Lord relief, And chirped when any near would come. Hugswala swala swal honom! Meaning, as they who tell it deem, Oh, cool, oh, cool and comfort Him!

I am so 100 percent Swedish... Someone has said a Swede is like a bottle of ketchup - nothing and nothing and then all at once - splat. I think I'm a little like that.

My parents were both from extremely different backgrounds.

My father's Italian, my mother was of Swedish descent. They're both first-generation Americans.

My father is Swedish and my mother is French.

I was always attracted by the European way of life, but I am deeply Swedish.

The Norse way of speaking, no one really knew what the Vikings sounded liked, they were Norsemen. The accent is really a combination of a Scandinavian accent, maybe with a Swedish accent and an old way of speaking.

Who ever heard of Casablanca? I don't want to star opposite some unknown Swedish broad.

I think I'm Swedish because I like to live here on this island.

You can't imagine the loneliness and isolation in this country. In that way, I'm very Swedish - I don't dislike to be alone.

It's amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency.

Beef. Yes. Roast beef. It's the Swedish term for beef that is roasted.

The Swedish he knew was mostly from Bergman films.

He had learned it as a college student, matching the subtitles to the sounds. In Swedish, he could only converse on the darkest of subjects.

I count myself fortunate to be able to contribute to this work;

and the great interest which the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has shown in my work and the recognition that it has paid to my past successes, convince me that I am not on the wrong track.