I think the Internet's been a tremendous tool in terms of breaking down the power structure of information and entertainment, particularly at a time when so much information and entertainment were in the hands of so few people, with multinationals owning everything.

— Dave Foley

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I'm the guy with the good attitude towards menstruation.


The important thing to remember is that bugs don't actually talk.


If you live in Ohio and you don't wear scarlet and gray now, you're an oddball.

And it used to be that you could go around town even in Columbus and see a bunch of people in Michigan shirts ... And that's horrible, isn't it?.


NBC is working with a team of astrophysicists to create a new day of the week.


There's something about strip malls that just reeks of my childhood.


I think we carry around the idea of being a Kid in the Hall as part of our identity. It's a big part of how we see ourselves now.


Isn't the essential pillar of Catholicism papal infallibility? Well, then how can the church ever change its mind about anything unless God gets confused one day? Not all religions claim the direct authority of God speaking to their leader. You know, I'm an atheist, but I'm a Puritan atheist.


When I was in school, all our history books were American, so we learned American history, not Canadian history.


I met Kevin when I was 19, at a Second City workshop.

We were paired up together in the first class I went to. By the end of the class we formed our improv group, and over the next three years we performed leading up to the formation of The Kids in the Hall.


Well, I've lost my wife. I've lost my job. I've lost 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE! Damn the decaf.


If somebody came up with a really good idea, everyone would back it.

Especially when we did the show, we had a real dedication that, if you were in somebody else's scene, everyone worked their hardest to make that scene good.


It takes so long to put a movie into production and finish it that anyone with a bad idea has time to give it to you before the movie is completed.


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Stand-up comedy and poverty. Those were my two main endeavors.