I feel for Veronica Mars so much when I'm watching at home. It is a wonderful story. The writing is consistently funny, biting, charming, heart-wrenching, etc. I also like the look of it. The cinematography - different from any other show.
— Jason Dohring

There are particular images that I like. Allegro is composed of a series of still life photographs that has been put to speed. There is so much care that has gone into the composition of the cinematography.
Helena Christensen cinematography quote

Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities... much more so than music or language.
— Conrad Hall

My father would tell anyone who would listen that this dentist thing he was doing was not his passion; cinematography was.
— Lasse Hallstrom

And later I thought, I can't think how anyone can become a director without learning the craft of cinematography.
— cinematography quotation by Nicolas Roeg