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The level of shyness has gone up dramatically in the last decade. I think shyness is an index of social pathology rather than a pathology of the individual.

Philip Zimbardo, psychologist

The idea of exploring character relations and their development over a decade has to be appealing for any actor who cherishes his craft.

Vin Diesel, actor

A decade is a long time to be doing anything, much less to be with the same guys, chasing after the same goals.

Mike Shinoda, musician

An estimated 2 million American women will be diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer this decade and screening could prevent up to 30% of these deaths for women over 40.

Matthew Lesko, entertainer

For two decades the state has been taking liberties, and these liberties were once ours.

E. P. Thompson, historian

I think in conventional magazine wisdom, you need to have a redesign every decade or so.

Timothy White, critic

Despite recent media reports that have clouded, or even misrepresented, the facts, there is compelling evidence that al-Qaida and Iraq have been linked for more than a decade.

Elizabeth Dole, politician

I believe the war on terror is the vital discussion of this decade and of our generation, probably. To win the war on terror, you need a good offense and a good defense. On defense, I regret to say, basically, this administration has not come close to doing what is necessary.

Charles Schumer, politician

We are now in the Me Decade - seeing the upward roll of the third great religious wave in American history.

Tom Wolfe, journalist

Our decade of change has unleashed the ingenuity, creativity, and character of the most extraordinary people in the world - the people of this state, who come from every corner of the globe.

George Pataki, politician

First, I'd become an avid reader of blogs, especially music blogs, and they seemed to be where the critical-thinking action was at, to have the kind of energy that I associate with rock writing of the 1970s or Internet e-mail discussion lists a decade ago.

Carl Wilson, musician

As a consequence of the victories we have registered during our first ten years of freedom, we have laid a firm foundation for the new advances we must and will make during the next decade.

Thabo Mbeki, statesman

The impending teacher shortage is the most critical education issue we will face in the next decade.

David E. Price, politician

In the decade before the Civil War various north and south lines of railway were projected and some of these were assisted by grants of land from the Federal Government.

John Moody, businessman

I never starved. And you know, whatever talent I have, I've relied on that, versus image or star. I have just said, 'Hire me if you want somebody good.' I tried to be as good as I could be every time out, and that's kind of bridged the decades.

Jeff Daniels, actor

Despite a decade of criticism and budget cuts, the specialised UN agencies have far more expertise and hands-on experience than any other organisations in the world.

Jeffrey Sachs, economist

There have been linkages between the Iraqi government and al-Qaeda going back more or less a decade.

Douglas Feith, public servant

I miss the 80's as well, it was a truly great decade for music.

Vinnie Vincent, musician

I would say the next imminent hot writers are often the writers from the decade before you were born.

Fiona Shaw, actress

Every generation is obsessed with the decade before they were born.

Fiona Shaw, actress

If there is any justice in the world, then eighties rock will never again serve to blight humanity as it did in that dark decade!

Vivian Campbell, musician

There is no single development, in either technology or management technique, which by itself promises even one order-of-magnitude improvement within a decade in productivity, in reliability, in simplicity.

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.,

Americans are a decade behind Canada when it comes to sex education and understanding their bodies.

Sue Johanson, writer

Given what the media have put the country through this past decade, it must come as a surprise to most Americans that the press has a code of ethics.

Roger Mudd, journalist

For decades, the journalistic norm had been that the private lives of public officials remained private unless that life impinged on public performance.

Roger Mudd, journalist

For most of the '90s and the first part of this decade, content providers who wanted to publish online only needed to worry about the graphical web browser.

Mike Davidson,

For three decades, Democrats and Republicans worked together to make our environment better.

Christopher Dodd, politician

Let's win the peace and democracy the good people of Iraq so richly deserve after decades of tyranny.

Mike Pence, politician

It is not surprising, then, that in the decade since Oslo began, Arafat used all the resources placed at his disposal to fan the flames of hatred against Israel.

Natan Sharansky, writer

I've written only two novels, but they're both long ones, and they each took a decade to write.

Donna Tartt, novelist

I keep showing decade after decade that I am a real performer.

Patti LaBelle, musician

If sexual intercourse, as the poets tell us, began in 1963, it was another decade and a half before the American political system began to take notice.

Michael Kinsley, journalist

I think the people who did well, or are happy, in a youth industry, they define themselves out of the business after a decade or so.

Robert Wyatt, musician

Really, I could care less if there's a Second Decade record.

Michael W. Smith, musician

In recent decades this symbolic or metaphorical lyric has given way to one which leans toward metonymy.

Thomas Harrison,

Halfway through the decade, we realized that we had a great team and that we could do great things, and that we could probably have something here that we believed we had a chance to reach greatness.

Franco Harris, athlete

In a decade, America's mighty rivers will have reached the boiling point.

Edwin Newman, journalist

It will kill four times as many Americans as AIDS will over the next decade. I feel that what ever kind of disability God has given me, as an entertainer and as a public figure, it is so I can be a representative for others.

Naomi Judd, musician

There's not an appropriations bill in the last 10 years that the-that Democrats passed in the Congress. We haven't spent any money of your taxes in the last decade.

Chaka Fattah, politician

This is my seventh decade... and every once in a while I get a hankering to re-visit these songs again... songs with which I have had a great relationship.

Eddy Arnold, musician

But baseball bounced back in the next decade to reclaim its place as the national pastime: new heroes, spirited competition, and booming prosperity gave birth to dreams of expansion, both within the major leagues and around the world.

John Thorn, historian

I've known Jan, probably, very well for, well, for over a decade. And the passion that Jan just showed the viewers in that particular piece is very real.

Rex Hunt, entertainer

For many Europeans the next decade looks to be filled with threats rather than opportunities.

John Hutton, educator

The wonderful thing about acting is you move along with your decade. The older you get, the more interesting the parts you get to play and you bring more of your personal experience to the part.

Francesca Annis, actress

We initially targeted pager networks, which have been suffering for the last decade due to cell phone sales.

David Rose, musician

Over the last decade, at considerable cost to me in money and effort, confronted with ridicule and intimidation, I have brought more than a dozen lawsuits challenging the corruption in the election process in Tennessee.

John Jay Hooker, businessman

As far as Iraq is concerned, let's not forget what the UNSCR is about, that the main consideration in Iraq is that there is a leader who has been developing weapons of mass destruction, and has been violating UN resolutions for over a decade.

Donald Evans, public servant

I'm one of six kids, and the eight of us lived for over a decade in either a bus or a boat.

Paul Farmer, educator

This Nation has realized significant environmental improvements over the last three decades.

Jerry Costello, politician

I've spent, I think, close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold.

Charlie Sheen, actor

Over two billion people now use the broadband Internet, up from perhaps 50 million a decade ago, when I was at Netscape, the company I co-founded.

Marc Andreessen, businessman

An intriguing paradox of the 1990s is that it isn't called a decade of greed.

Paul Samuelson, economist

Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!

Tony Robbins, author

Breast cancer deaths in America have been declining for more than a decade. Much of that success is due to early detection and better treatments for women. I strongly encourage women to get a mammogram.

Larry Craig, politician

When the new wave of terrorism came on the modern world, which is the late 1960s, early 1970s, I think we spent about a decade, the United States and our allies, trying to figure out how to deal with it.

Paul Bremer, statesman

Every decade needs its own manual of handicraft.

Liberty Hyde Bailey, scientist

Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it - in a decade, a century, or a millennium - we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise? How could we have been so stupid?

John Archibald Wheeler, physicist

In the space of a decade, China and India have emerged as dramatic, dynamic competitors.

Peter Mandelson, politician

The 1970s, the decade of my teenage years, was a transitional period in American youth culture.

Eric Allin Cornell, physicist

For much of this decade, both Congressional and administration budget projections showed a decline in science and technology accounts of between 20 and 30 percent in real dollars. The real impact to date has been far less severe.

Charles Vest, educator

China has not lived up to any other trade agreements over the last decade... They don't have any compliance or enforcement.

David Bonior, politician

The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives - and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century.

Al Gore, vice president

Over the past decade... while many businesses have pursued what I call 'business as usual,' I have been part of a different, smaller business movement, one that tried to put idealism back on the agenda.

Anita Roddick, businesswoman

Over the past decade, prescribing information has grown more and more complex, more and more dense and more difficult to negotiate.

Andrew von Eschenbach,

The last decade has been a little rough, so I'm hoping to start this one on the right foot.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor

The late 20th century sea level rise rate lacks any sign of acceleration. Satellite altimetry indicates virtually no changes in the last decade.

Nils-Axel Morner, scientist

I never had the high-paying job or the company car. It took me over a decade to pay off my student loans. I never had to worry about where to dock my yacht to reduce my taxes.

Christine O'Donnell, politician

It is high time that the Palestinian people restore their freedom and independence. It is high time that the decades, the long decades of suffering and pain would stop.

Mahmoud Abbas, statesman

And I think what people in New Jersey have gotten to know about me over the last decade that I've been in public life is what you see is what you get. And I'm no different when I'm sitting with you than I am when I'm at home or anyplace else.

Chris Christie, politician

The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That's over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it's going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade.

Steve Jobs, businessman

Well, Apple invented the PC as we know it, and then it invented the graphical user interface as we know it eight years later (with the introduction of the Mac). But then, the company had a decade in which it took a nap.

Steve Jobs, businessman

I had real plans for my next decade and felt I'd worked hard enough to earn it. Will I really not live to see my children married? To watch the World Trade Center rise again? To read - if not indeed write - the obituaries of elderly villains like Henry Kissinger and Joseph Ratzinger?

Christopher Hitchens, author

In the next decade, I see Spanx going worldwide. Everywhere. No butt left behind. It's going to be all over the world and it's going to be an aspirational brand that transcends categories. There's so many things we can improve upon and make better.

Sara Blakely, businesswoman

I've been going to China every year now for more than a decade.

Paul Oakenfold, musician

When I turned 50, something clicked in my head and I said, 'I'm not going to live to 100. I'm half-cooked already.' I set the family down and I said, 'Listen everybody, we're now entering the decade of Daddy. We're going to start doing things that I want to do.'

Kevin O'Leary, businessman

I don't wear a bikini on the beach. I walk around my house in pyjamas. I haven't seen myself naked in the mirror for probably a decade. I'm very prudish.

Carey Mulligan, actress

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.

Abbie Hoffman, activist

Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.

Thomas Sowell, economist

I have been recording for five decades now.

Chuck Mangione, musician

Fitness will be a major factor in the first race and I think that will play into the hands of drivers who have been racing recently, rather than people like me who haven't raced properly for a decade. I'am not one of the favourites to start with.

Nigel Mansell, athlete

With the opening of the second decade of the twentieth century it seemed that the stage was set for the last act in an unquestioned evolutionary drama.

Ralph Adams Cram, architect

I just can't believe all the things I did that decade.

Dick Schaap, journalist

As a result of the World War and of a peace whose imperfections and risks are no longer denied by anyone, are we not even further away from the great aspirations and hopes for peace and fraternity than we were one or two decades ago?

Hjalmar Branting, statesman

Saturday Night Live is hitting me on a regular basis again. This is my fourth decade that I've been lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

Geraldo Rivera, journalist

One has to work for years and decades, to conduct negotiations, to stand for positions and points of view, to jointly develop a civilized view on the administrative and state organization of Chechnya.

Akhmad Kadyrov, statesman

The emergence of Pakistan, a decade ago, was an act of protest against the existence of privilege in the social order of the subcontinent of India.

Aly Khan, public servant

It is amazing to think after all that has happened in this country in the last few years, the last few decades, that so many people have this blind faith that government is our friend and therefore, so we don't need protections against it.

James Bovard, author

Even IBM can't stand in the way of progress... for more than a decade.

Craig Bruce,

I am the Empire at the end of the decadence.

Paul Verlaine, poet

There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I'm that icon.

Paris Hilton, celebrity

I have been involved in Internet-related policy for approximately one decade, and I have been using the Internet myself for almost that period of time.

Rick Boucher, politician

I don't know anybody who doesn't have a lost decade.

Marianne Williamson, author

It is fun to be in the same decade with you.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, president

Celluloid will be the next decade's black and white.

Danny Boyle, director

Anyone who believes that a second is faster than a decade did not live life.

Jonathan Safran Foer,

The action we take and the decisions we make in this decade will have consequences far into this century. If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift toward tragedy. That will not happen on my watch.

George W. Bush, president

I have been underestimated for decades. I have done very well that way.

Helmut Kohl, politician

I believe the most solemn duty of the American president is to protect the American people. If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch.

George W. Bush, president

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